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AR-15 Rifle Magazine

by crank, published

AR-15 Rifle Magazine by crank Sep 17, 2011

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AR-15 Rifle Magazine by crank is licensed under the GNU - GPL license.

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Print at YOUR OWN RISK, Neither the creator of this object nor thingiverse.com is responsible for anything that happens because you printed this object!

This is a near fully printable 5.56mm X 45mm or .233 REM AR-15 magazine. It is current only a 5 round magazine. I left my printed spring design out on purpose for saftey reasons. However, with a little printing experimention and some range time it can be made easily.

What is included is the magazine body, anti-tilt follower, and floorplate.

I have used this magazine, no jams or feed problems..... YET. It works, but be reminded it is only a printed ABS magazine. If you end up using a printed ABS mag spring be prepared for stress relaxation of the polymer over time, especailly if it is kept loaded over a long period of time.

DESIGN ERRATA------------------------------------------------------

09/20/2011 1:37pm MDT

The mag catch recess on the mag body(I don't know the official term) needs to move down from the feed lips approximately .010"-.015". My friends AR-15 sometimes would not feed the next round after firing. I believe that will address his problem. This will move the whole body up into the mag well approximate that far. Hopefully, that won't cause any issues with the bolt. I will post the fix sometime late tonight or early tomorrow. I apologize.


Print at YOUR OWN RISK, Neither the creator of this object nor thingiverse.com is responsible for anything that happens because you printed this object!

Well, the zombies are at it again.........and you forgot your magazines out in your vehicle. Doh!

1) You Have a need for an 5.56mm X 45mm AR-15 magazine. Those pesky zombies are at your door AGAIN.

2) In a case with zombies, make sure you can hold them at bay for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes for printing + 15-20 minutes for cleaning and sanding. Perhaps some pieces of wood nailed to the windows and doors would do the trick?

3) Download the needed files ... if zombies have not destroyed the web yet.

4) Use a 3D solid modeling program to make your printable magazine spring

5) PRINT AND HOLD OFF THOSE ZOMBIES!!! Also don't lean against any boarded up windows or doors because as we have seen in the movies the zombies will punch through the boards and grab you or your loved ones at the most in opportune time.

6) After the print is successful, clean with some 150 grit sandpaper and finish with some 400-600 grit sandpaper. Make sure it is smooth and any hanging plastic is taken care of. We wouldn't want any round feeding malfunctions while battling zombies?

7) Now to assemble. Drop the follower in the mag body, put the spring in the body making sure proper contact with the follower, and now slide the floorplate onto the the bottom of the magazine body and load.

8) By now, those boarded up windows and doors may have been compromised.... and you are holed up in your cellar with your 3D printer but now you can defend yourself against those Zombies. GOOD LUCK!

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Thingiverse went back-of-the-bus on this particular civil right shortly before selling out to Stratasys; as is always the case there were politics and dollars involved. There's plenty of alternatives that haven't been co-opted by Stratasys and don't claim ownership to your models - check out sites like cubehero, repables, defcad, grabcad, youmagine... and I'm sure there's more I'm missing.

Is there a site like thingiverse but that allows legal content and has a higher quality peer review process? (funny how legal gun parts are banned but drug paraphernalia is all over this site.)

I hate the media. This is not a weapon and its only a 5 rounder not the 30 rounders everyone is complaining about. bring it back.

Any plans to increase capacity beyond 5 rounds?

Oh, boy. A slippery slope. A slippery slope!

How long will it be until we're printing fully functional weapons from home? 5 years?

Not blaming the OP. I like this. I just worry..

What software did you use to design the mag?

You should continue to replace parts of the rifle with printed ABS. Just how much of an AR-15 can you "print?" i am sure I am not the only one who wants to know.

An AK-47 might print well. It's design has a lot of tolerance. Wobbly ABS parts might still do the trick for an AK.


I love it!!!! Great work!!!! Keep it up.

I am confused about which orientation to print the follower. It seems that there is no way to print it with out having more than 45 degrees of over hang. Surely the orientation shown it the green stl file is the worst way to try and print it. I tried using support material and got a large block of solid plastic that can not be removed without ruining the part.

I printed it with support material just fine. Sounds like your support settings are a little wonky. Here are mine:

Support Cross Hatch False
Support Flow Rate over Operating Flow Rate (ratio): 1.0
Support Gap over Perimeter Extrusion Width (ratio): 1.0
Empty Layers Only False
Everywhere True
Exterior Only False
Support Minimum Angle (degrees): 60.0

I just printed one of these in White PLA on my Prusa and here are my initial impressions:

  1. This is awesome. AWESOME. :-D
  2. The tolerances are too tight. I had to do a lot of sanding to get the magazine to fit into the magazine well and the follower to move freely within the magazine body.
  3. The rear of the feed lips catch the bolt and prevent it from moving forwards. I had to sand
    it down a bit, perhaps leading me to my next point…
  4. …There's not enough reinforcement at the back of the feed lips. That area cracked on mine when I started putting in rounds.
  5. Rounds don't actually feed into the chamber, unfortunately. My AR has M4 cuts and everything, but the hollow-poin
    ted rounds I charged the magazine with snagged on the metal immediately below the cuts in the lower receiver when I released the bolt. They're just too low down. I can see that if I had some FMJ rounds with spizer bullets, they'd probably feed, but the rounds are just way too low down in any event.
    The bolt barely touches the top of them, too.

I was thinking about your crack ;) I just noticed that your print orientation is 90 degrees to mine. The anisotropic printing, different material properties in different direction of current Reprap, Makerbot, Up! FDM maybe also causing some issues???

Yeah, the mag release catch is too high on the mag. So, it seats the mag to low with respect to the bolt, thus causing the feed problems. My AR works, my one friends works sometime, and my other friend reported that it didn't work. I need to get the latest revision to fix the errata posted.

I apologize about the delay but I have been extremely busy these last 3 weeks. Hopefully, I can get the fix done this week.

As for the crack on the back of the feed lips, could it be a material property issue with the PLA? It would be interesting to see if you have the same problem with ABS.

Brilliant! Now I want a 3D printer. I don't know if you have a 22LR conversion for your AR, but would you consider adapting your design to support something like that? The magazines for the CMMG adapters are only 27rnds. I would think you could extend your design to support many more.

This quite controversial thing made it into Netherlands's national TV: http://www.rtl.nl/xl/#/u/7b9cd4b9-5f40-49e4-9782-07fcfbec1e34/http://www.rtl.nl/xl/#/u/7b9cd... (SilverLight needed :/)

BTW: I don't speak Dutch, but this isn't obviously the media you want to get for a community like this ;)

I'm dutch and i saw it on television, but it was only about rules for 3d printing just like when they introduced rules for colour printing (you had to sign some contract years ago when you bought one, to promise that you wouldn't copy money). So the conclusion was that it probably will all be fine in the end when you can really print with different 3d materials at once.

Are you using the regular PP3DP filament for the spring? I'm wondering if using Stratasys ABS-M30, SABIC MG94, or other methyl methacrylate ABS might boost the strength of a printed spring. A polycarbonate/ABS blend would be really great to try, but I'm not sure if the UP! can run at a high enough temperature to feed such material?

your an idiot......take responsibility for what you do. If they wanted to they can get this information from the public library.......

I was looking forward to printing this to try it out today, but the .STL files open as a microscopic little models (in Replicatorg).

I would scale it up, but without any information on the current (microscopic) size I can't determine the correct scale factor to scale up by. I use my printer a lot but my 3D design skills are simple at best (e.g. Sketchup + STL export plugin); any suggestions to help me get this on track?

inches -
gt; mm or mm-
gt; inches. Scale it to 25.4 times the current size. You're set up as inches for your default dimension, and the .stl file is in mm, or the other way around.

Thanks! I'll give that a a shot. I'll print scaled up by 25.4 and see how that goes. My prints with .STLs in mm have gone fine before so I don't think I have to go to/from inches here.

If it doesn't work, I'll fiddle and post an update saying how it went. Thanks for the magic number! :)

Oh no! For the sake of the children!(tm) That argument never ceases to offend me.

Get your personal rubbish out in the open as a preference, not a morality play. I am the father of three inquisitive and resourceful children, and I get to decide what's appropriate for them, not anyone else.

I personally dislike firearms, (because of the noise and smell more than anything else,
but that's hardly the point) but I dislike opinion masked as a 'call for the greater good' far more. A firearm is at least an interesting application of mechanical and chemical principles, what value do you bring to the table with your sweeping declarations?

A person is responsible for their actio
ns, anything else is nonsensical. For example, if somebody uses one of your designs to hurt someone, (regardless of intended purpose, "I never meant it that way" is a defense so weak as to be irrelevant) are YOU responsible? How about the printer maker? The designer? The people who wrote the CAD
software? The people who taught the designers CAD concepts? Your parents (who did after all contribute DNA essential to your existence, without which you could never have designed the item in question!)?

Am I reducing your argument to absurdity? Perhaps. But then perhaps it was simply absurd
to begin with.

Actually, manufacturing your own firearm receiver is perfectly legal in the US as long as you don't ever sell or otherwise transfer it. There is a cottage industry of people who don't want to have registered weapons and/or cannot get commercially produced weapons because of red tape, that manufacture their own perfectly legal weapons.

Thanks! I don't suppose you have an AR-10 as well, do you? At $40 a mag, I've been looking at printing my own, but have not yet had much success in reverse engineering functional parts for pretty much anything.

yzord must be a "Pretty Pretty Little Princess" and so afraid of those icky guns.

what a total Pansy Ass

I've an owned many an AR style rifle over the years (Armalite rifle, duh) and they've never killed anyone... Do you supose I am using it wrong? Oh yeah, do quite a bit of hunting with it too, mostly coyotes and varmints, small game you know. The 5.56 is what is known as an "intermediate round" not really that powerful... That is, compared to your grampa's 30-06 deer rifle, well maybe not YOUR grampa, I would imagine you live in a state or country that gave up your God given right to arms generations ago. Do you suppose Colt get sued when someone gets killed with one of their AR pattern rifles? It really hasnt come up since these so called "assualt rifles" are rarely used in crime.... Oh yeah, a real assault weapon is a select fire (read, auto or bust) rifle that fires an intermediate cartridge. As opposed to a battle rifle that fires a full power cartridge, namely .308 NATO or similar.

Oh you Americans and your belief that you have a right to bear arms. As far as I'm concerned, there should be no right to bear arms, it's a privilege to be able to have and use firearms, if you Americans thought the same way, you might not have so much gun crime.

Actually Gregory, our constitution gives us Americans that right and calls it a right not a privilege. So in our society's political structure it is a right no matter if you agree or disagree. Furthermore, if you research political theory you find that the most basic right is the right to protect one's self with any tool or weapon available to that person. So your argument if fundamentally flawed unless you disagree with the idea of self preservation in which case you won't be around long enough to make a difference. :-D

Since we seem to be turning this into a gun control discussion lets actually lay down some facts:


TLDR: There is now hard evidence that shows it does not matter how strict your gun laws are, people get weapons and commit crimes. In fact, there is some evidence that in places with more relaxed gun laws, gun and non-g
un related crime decrease.

well the people that commit the crimes dont really go out and buy the weapons used in crimes....the rite we have is to protect our selves from the people u think we all r

You seem to think that your opinion matters as to what is a natural right or not. If your opinion matters, it is not a right, but a privilege. It's a funny intellectual construct the idea that God grants rights to the people and then they hand parts of those rights on to the politicians to manage a government but it seems to be working somewhat better than the alternatives at the moment.

Thank God someone with Facts and Common Sense

Wow.. first of all you're an ignorant for thinking that a magazine is a weapon..

Secondly, you're a more ignorant for thinking that a gun can kill someone anymore than a car, knife, or baseball bat can kill someone.. that's the act of a human.

And you made a sword? What a freakin' hypocrite.. how many have been killed by people with swords in the course of human history??

Well, I found a design errata in the mag body. The mag catch recess on the mag body(I don't know the official term) needs to move down from the feed lips approximately .010"-.015". My friends AR-15 sometimes would not feed the next round after firing. I believe that will address his problem. This will move the whole body up into the mag well approximate that far. Hopefully, that won't cause any issues with the bolt. I will post the fix sometime late tonight or early tomorrow. I apologize.

Actually no, AR stands for ArmaLite, the original manufacturer. 15 is the model number. The AR-7 for example could hardly be called an assualt rifle. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AR-7http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A...

Geez dude you must really be a sissy

Very Nice, Thank you

Don't let things like facts get in the way of gun politics.

That's awesome. Maybe I can modify my safety lever for the AR http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5644http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... .

I assume this isn't makerbot printable since there's unsupported parts. Maybe a makerbot printable one would be nice. I'll attempt to print it and see how it does

Sig 556 Safety Lever extended

I wonder if you could print a diaper for the makerguy?

Guns don't kill people....well, you know the rest.

This is as much of a gun as an arrow holder is a crossbow.

Do we ban, or not allow instructions to smith a knife blade by hammer, anvil and forge- even though that is considered craftsmanship?

Bullets do...

Why is it, when someone is killed in a car accident, nobody decries "Bad car!"

When a plane crashes nobody blames the plane. Stabbings? it's never Ginzu's fault, and I've never heard people claiming Victorinox kills people.

But if someone is shot, the human that does the shooting isn't to blame, it's the tool's fault.

Objects don't verb people, but people will verb with objects. It's universal. Removing Object does not remove possibility of Verb.

AR stands for Armalite Rifle.

Sorry, but AR in AR-15 does not stand for Assault Rifle. It stands for Armalite, the original designers of the rifle.

Since, proliferation of low cost 3D printers is going at an explosive pace... this is still something that has yet to be defined and is being brought up in couple of white papers associated with the growth of the use of MakerBots, RepRaps, etc.. If you use the same logic the same goes for MakerBot Industries are they responsible for anything printed by their printers, is Thingiverse? After all they designed it and uploaded it to thingivers. Am I responsible for anything that another person does with this design. I have take reasonable design steps that limit functionality while still making it functional for the average AR-15 user that has access to a 3D printer.

Whatever the decision it should not be made lightly, physical object/design censorship is a totally new realm.

Children also do not possess credit cards or the means to operate their own 3D printers without the help of an adult with money so I don't see how they would be able to cause any harm with this design.

Any chance of putting the torsion spring up as well?

Thanks in advance

I think he's taking the McGuyver approach. It shouldn't be hard to model, and we have a screenshot to emulate already.

We'll see....

This is a functional and essential component of a machine that is specifically designed for killing people. How is it not a weapon? :)

Is this little thing I posted over here a weapon?

The question is not if weapons are good or bad. The question is if Thingiverse is the place for weapons.

You Hoplophobe.

Firearms are for defending your self and your loved ones.

You do have loved ones don't you?

No, what you posted is not a weapon, it is a file. However, if you print that file and try to sell it on eBay you will go to jail. If I print this mag and sell it on ebay, I will not.

Actually, all you'd need to do to sell that lower legally would be to have it serialized and not sell more than five in a year. That, and eBay bans the sale of anything gun-related.

Not true, I buy and sell gun related items on eBay all the time. Magazines, holsters, accessories, even a barrel or two. Just nothing classified as a firearm.

UGH! I hate this too.

Amusing, that some people feel genuine hatred to a file representing a springbox.

Then keep it to yourself. How would you like it if someone commented that they hated something that you worked hard to design? It's very rude. I know that firearms are frightening to some people, but at least try to remember common courtesy and politeness if you want to comment.

So 2nd amendment is good but 1st is is not?

I see thingiverse as a fun place to share creativity and art. This thing is not representive of those ideals - IMO.

Your comments are welcome.

While this may not have artistic creativity, I disagree with the take that this design is not creative. Problem solving's natural by-product is often a design creativity while many don't see it in everyday designs it is there. A MakerBot Cupcake CNC, is that not creative? The problem was to devel
op a low cost open hardware 3D printer and that was problem-solved with the Cupcake CNC.

While my mag is no where in the same scope as the Cupcake, it did require some problem-solving and as such some creativity. I designed it from scratch, and the follower and mag body required some problem solv
ing to create an anti-tilit function for the follower. In addition the floorplate with the sliding interference fit is a nice touch so the mag can be taken apart easily for disassembly. In addition, I made sure that my design did not infringe on patents that exist.

I made some design concessions to
address some possible concerns that I foresaw that people may have of it. I made it 5 rounds which made it functional to the avid sportsman yet did not give it the high cap magazine abilities. I also intentional left the magazine spring out. At that point most people except those that really want
to build it, would go buy a whole completed mag for under $15 US dollars. So, you have to want to build this and experiment. In the end it is probably much easier to go buy one than to make this object. However, where is the challenge in that? To me it is an example of creating a functional item tha
t can be used in someones hobby.

I want to clarify what I previously wrote especially to the person that called me rude. I should have made it clear that I was only criticizing the subject choice for this thing. The craftsmanship appears to be quite good.

I will now think of this place differently knowing that these type of things are being made. I used to think of thingiverse as site full of fun, goofy things to be made on my 3d printer. Heh, welcome to the real world - there is no such place...

Hmmmm, a friend just suggested glow in the dark for this.


Dude, why judge? This is just a box with a spring. And what's with the hoplophobia? You live in Switzerland; didn't you carry an automatic rifle during your service? It seems like you of all people should understand that weapons in the right hands (e.g. yours during your service) can be used to protect.

Totally awesome. Have you done any rapid fire drills yet? I'd worry that the high heat in the breach might melt the feed lips. Is the follower strong enough for the bolt to lock back when the magazine is empty?

The bolt catch works just fine. Since I only have one printed mag it kinda of hard to to do multiple mag changes and continue the rapid fire drill :) But it does just fine with a rapid fire of the 5 rounds. While it does get hot there is no melting yet... However, with a larger mag that may turn into a problem.

Funny yzorg, on your "Things I Made" page, you made a sword... that's more of a weapon than this spring loaded box is.

Looks good, maybe a video from the range?

I was on a time crunch and I was too excited to try it out = I forgot. I will get one next time though.

I'm pretty sure this is not a weapon. I see no way this part (alone, or in combination with any other part on thingiverse) can do a person any more harm than a solid block of plastic.

I seem to be running into a wall thickness bug or something - I'm getting a hollow wall, rather than the 90% infill. I remember something about a skeinforge bug regarding this, what settings did you print it successfully with?

I printed it on my UP! I have not tried printing it on my Cupcake CNC, yet..... Sorry.

Dang and I forgot to log in on the previous post. DOH!!

I printed it on my UP! I have not tried printing it on my Cupcake CNC, yet..... Sorry.

I think that's where you need to set "0 extra shells"

Funny, I've put tens of thousands of rounds through my AR-15, and I haven't killed anyone at all. Maybe I'm just using it wrong. Here I was, trying to precisely punch holes in paper.

Please keep your hopolophobic comments to yourself.

This is great, it really highlights the strength of the printed parts in something that has to be pretty rugged and accurate to function correctly.. Major kudos to you, though this might get some unwanted attention if you scale it up to a 30rd banana mag or snail mag. ;) vive la 3D printed revolution!

I've been waiting for someone to post up a standardized Picatinny/Weaver rail mount with parametric rings for scopes, surefires, lasers etc. :)

There is already a section of rail: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4757http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

The cross section is perfect, some spare scope rings I had, and an EOTech attached perfectly. The spacing in the gaps is off by some small fraction of a millimeter. Check it against the specs.

I've been working on a parameterized scope unimount, perhaps I'll put it up as-is, now that I've made an

Picatinny rail for G36 airsoft gun

Yeah, Picatinny rail mount would be interesting. Especially to see how the Z-axis step resolution and ABS material properties affect the mounting of rings and lasers and their precision. I was also thinking of some quad rail covers and a forward front grips

I drew up the rail yesterday, but I'm having problems in OpenSCAD removing the grooves from the top, I have my adds and subtracts in the wrong order or something. Maybe I should upload it and someone with more experience in OpenSCAD can help me fix it? I'm sure it's a one-line fix, and all the math is already done.

I am looking forward to it.

Oh, nice idea, that shouldn't be too hard to draw up in OpenSCAD. And if yzorg's type get too noisy, we could always spin up another site for that sort of thing. Hrm, far as that goes...

This is great I cant wait to slap one into my AR

The only thing is the scare for the .stl is far too small. Could you attach the right scale .stl for the body of the Mag

I'm guessing he designed it in inches, which means it needs to be scaled by 25.4x for millimeters.

You are 100% correct. The part is in inches and not mm.