Nespresso capsule USSS (under shelf storage system)

by ekto Dec 3, 2015
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Is there a reason the rail model isn't placed flat? It is proving to be a bear to rotate it so it is flat on the bed.

No, I was just lazy. Noticed after exporting and it was simple to type the angle to repetierhost.

Good job!
Can you put the rail on the platform for the slicer? Because mine (ideamaker) cannot put it at flat on platform.
I have downloaded the 4.4mm model too.
So if you can modify tese two STL, it's would be very cool! ;D

perfecto! ultra minimilasta!

This design is genius awesome. Would love to be able to hold more than 5 pods, 10 would be perfect.

I did have to flatten the rail as it tried to print it suspended. Resulting print fits nice and tight with ABS, snap fit. Angle was good for gravity slide, 1-2 more degrees would ensure pods are at the front.


My printer has only 150x150 table, so that's why I made it so short. But you can just cut the slider model and extend it. Although it might bend when there are more pods, and you would need to compensate it by rotating the holes more upwards.

Very cool design; however I just printed it and noticed the rails fit very loosely into the mount. Should these be glued in? Last time I checked all my printer tolerances were accurate. Would you be able to provide some of the dimensions? Thanks!

The rail is 4mm x 4mm from the end. And the hole is 4,6mm x 4,6mm and 5,5mm in depth. So if you have really accurate printer, this gives you 0.3mm clearance per side, and the rail could move around 6 decrees. Here's a model with 4,4mm rail ends: https://www.dropbox.com/s/moqh9oqzjek6fwf/rail4-4.stl?dl=0

If the new rail works better, please notify and I'll add that to the thing.

It fits perfectly! Still needs to be glued but much tighter. If your printer is accurate, this is the preferred file IMO.


Thanks! I'll give it a shot tonight. I printed out 4 sets last night and all the dimensions are spot on except for my Z height, need to do some tweaking but that appears to have almost no effect in this circumstance.

Sure thing, I'll check it on Monday. I can also create more thicker rail.