Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Two Color World

by m6mafia Sep 18, 2011
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How do i set this up for printing? I can't for the life of me figure it out. I am using repeteir-host and silc3r

like it but you should split the base. then we can print it separately another color. i would like a brass base for my globe to sit on. great job!

I'd like to see the depth of the oceans incorporated into this design. Then for cool effects I would use green opaque filament for the landmasses and a transparent clear blue for the water...

That's a really cool idea!

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Till you notice that Italy has gone... :D

Fab! Easy to combine the stl with the FlashPrint app. Dreamer produced it in a few hours.

I wish I can print that my 3d printer doesn't have dual extruders

Nevermind. figured it out in Autodesk 123D.

the BfB software (Axon 2) require a 'combined' model to generate a print in 2 colors. I'm currently attempting to combine these two meshes in Autodesk 123D, with no luck.

If you have the combined model, can you post it? If I figure out a way to make it,(should be pretty simple, but I'm a newbie to all this) I'll post a derivative with it.

can you please upload the combine file?? please thanks

We got a bit carried away in our technical office and printed a larger scale globe. I hope you like it.

Thank you m6mafia for sharing your great design work!

Damn! I was just about to invent two tone printing myself but now I'll have to think of something else! Seriously clever stuff. 8-)

That's pretty awesome. Now I just need to get through my ~10lbs of 3mm filament so I can warrant buying a Mk7...... My cupcake is gonna hate me.

Cant wait to see what happens when they start putting joined filament in with dual extruders...

multi color printing is a fad, will NEVER catch on ;)

This is so awesome! I can't wait to get a bistruder (i just made that up) setup and get printing!

I feel the significance of this has not been recognized; here is the future of DIY 3D printing and it is a first of whats to come. To herald this achievement, here is a token from a wise man.


it needs to be said: damn, that is a sweet earth

I saw it printing it at Maker Faire NYC yesterday. It is indeed bleeding edge and quite nice to see (never saw so many 3d printers together).

The hard part on the one I saw printing that globe is that it cleans the nozzle at every layer every time it changes color (two silicon wipe-off on the back corners of the HBP).

I do not believe the resolution will be any worse than today - it will just take a long time to print.

The print quality from my fairly well tuned Mk6+ extruder is a LOT nicer than the irregular blobby output shown here. I understand that this is bleeding edge, but, I'm going to have to see MUCH nicer example prints before I shell out for multiple extruders.

This was done before even calibrating the nozzle offsets or profile -- it's bleeding edge, we are not selling any dual-head kits yet. But it's certainly coming!

This is so cool! I want dual extruders.

this is brilliant, didn't know this was possible with replicator G already