Printing plates for Mr. Maker by ErikJDurwoodII

by MakerBlock Sep 19, 2011
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Huzzah! and THANKS! How did you arrange then in a single file? I have the software to do it, but it seems more manual of a task than I'd bet it is... ReplicatorG? OpenSCAD? Super, crazy, ninja scripty code-foo?

No, thank YOU for such a cute little guy! I used OpenSCAD and included the file below. The basic OpenSCAD functions for moving and rotating parts actually made it pretty easy.

I had written a tutorial on making printing plates a few months ago. But, basically, I just separate out the parts that are duplicated from the unique, put the biggest pieces on plates, and arrange the duplicate pieces around them or on their own plate.


Haha! Well thanks! When your iteration is printed, I'd appreciate a photo to check out the quality of the print.

I'm a computer animator/graphic designer by trade and I tried to do a lot of research prior to design. But I'm worried I compromised printing feasibility for design and style. I am hoping I struck the right balance. It took a whole new mindset for me to think about a design from a "one surface
has to be totally flat and the model is built upwards and aside from the interior of small holes, there can't be overhangs" standpoint. On the major parts, the designer in me REQUIRED that I chamfer the bottom edge. The maker in me just made it no steeper then 25 degrees off Z. ^__^

@Erik: Using Tony's pin/tab connector system, it should be possible to split just about any arbitrary model into a series of pieces that can be connected. From looking at the digital rendering of the parts, I don't see any reason this couldn't be printed as is. Now that the plates are done, I'll try to print them tonight. I'll be more than happy to post pictures. :)


For the adventurous there is a python dealie in kliment's printrun programs called "plater" which works pretty well provided that it reads and likes your STLs and you figure out the controls. :)

My guess would be OpenSCAD. :)

I am predictable in that way..