Revan's Mask

by Cranadian Jan 11, 2016
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What's the best size to fit average male head?

Thanks for the model! It turned out awesome.

So about 32 cm long for a adult head?

Great model. Printed it in 6 parts as a gift for my friend.


Absolutely amazing! That's a job well done and a phenomenal paint job!

Awesome model! For my printer, I had to slice it into 6 parts and adjust the settings a bit in cura to print it. So far so good. I'll post pictures once I have it painted and whatnot.

That's awesome! I've yet to see a full sized model, so that'd be fantastic :)

I am working on the final piece right now, and I plan to assemble it sometime tonight. I can send you the sliced parts if you want, or upload them to my account and link to your page if you'd like.

If you could post it as a "made this thing", that'd be fantastic, thank you!

This is probably a really dumb question but I want to order one that's already printed and the dimensions are like a couple cms? Is it really that tiny or?

Well, ordering a printed model is something that thingiverse themselves takes care of, so I only have my own experience to go on. But I ended up at one point printing a version of the mask that's about 7 or 8 cm long from top to bottom and managed to get the details to be noticeable. I'm not completely sure how thingiverse's system of ordering pieces works, but if they're using a makerbot (or even most printers,) they wouldn't be able to print the tiny details in the grooves on the front of the mask. Hope this helps!

Aw, so no wearable life size prints?

Well I designed it to hopefully fit over someone's face if you want :) there isn't a way to attach it to your face at the moment, but anyone handy with some crafts could probably hack it onto a goalie mask or something. But it's totally possible to print it full-size, I just don't know if makerbot will do it. You can see about getting a print from Shapeways, but it'll cost you more.

Do you know how much it'd cost?

Shapeways, being famously expensive, would put you back $600 for a life sized solid plastic model, $900 for the metallic plastic one. I can't do anything about the price unfortunately, so that's mostly there just in case someone with some pretty deep pockets really wants a really good revan mask. Sorry if that's totally insane :)

JEEZ.... Uhh.. Well would you pint one off the life size dimensions for me? haha I have a PayPal account I mean I'll pay for it

Unfortunately I don't have access to a printer that big... otherwise I'd definitely be working on a cosplay set :) it'd cost me $600 to get made too.

On the picture it looks amazing... but I don't think my printer is good enough to print 11 hours straight.... damn I really really love this... wish you could do the whole helmet attachment as well..

Thanks for the upload!

Thanks! I used a picture I found of a mask some had made for aesthetic reference. (You'll find it pretty quick of you Google "Revan Mask") I'd consider doing a full helmet, though Revan in ToR wore just a mask rather than a helmet. I'd definitely consider taking a stab the original someday, though. KotOR had a massive influence on my childhood :)