Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Star Wars X-Wing Helmet

by Fillitup309 Dec 3, 2015
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I assumed that the full helmet model was the correct size so I opened the model in Cura then added part #5, rotated it and moved it to the same spot on the full helmet then enlarged it until it matched. I am now printing at 150%. Hoping it will work.

How was the 150% scaling.. ? too big too small ???

Too big. But the proportions are all wrong on the helmet so I gave up on this design. I could barely get it on my head. And then it was so ridiculously large it looked like something from Spaceballs. Basically the neck is too small and other parts were much too big. I started to model my own but other stuff came up so this project was shelved.

cheers for the info.

How big did you scale it to fit your head? Without scaling the pieces are really small.

I agree with zmanksu... it's too small. I'm printing one out @ 210% of the given model, after printing it out too small AND too large. I took measurements off a friends helmet and tried to size this model against his mohawk measurements. It should be 2" wide and for this model... it's way wider.

Don't get me wrong... I REALLY like this model! I've just printed it out 3 times now and still haven't gotten the size right. The big one is hilarious! I'll let you know how this next print goes.

So has anyone modeled the chin cup?

Did you manage to do a successful print at 210%? My head is 24" and want to make sure that I scale this correctly.


I had the same question. It was really small when I started working with it. Hard to know what the actual dimensions should be but I'm guessing it needs to be scaled to 2.5 times the model.

I printed one @ 257% and it was way too big. Trying one @ 210% and will let you guys know how that comes out.

Hey... any news on the 210 print ? how was the scale???

Hey Fillitup309,

This looks really good, and I'm about to print. Could you possibly include an assembled file so I can do my own cuts? I have a larger printer and like to do bigger pieces.


There is already a file of the full helmet. Are you looking for a different file type (obj, lwo, 3ds, sldprt, etc)?

If you wish, feel free to add my version of the oxygen mask attachment to the helmet.


X-Wing, AT-AT/ TIE Helmet Oxygen Mask Attachment
by r2db

Glad you mentioned this as it's required for an approvable X-wing helmet. I did a remix of this one that I haven't put up yet because I was still waiting to hear about the model's approvable status after my modifications and I forgot to add this to the model. Shame on me considering I have the Master replica sitting behind me.

awesome, have you printed it yet to see how it does?