xkcd characters

by b2vn Dec 4, 2015
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These are so awesome! Thanks b2vn for a great model! Check out my print! http://www.thingiverse.com/make:331254

xkcd characters

Hah! Love these. It's not the sort of thing that I am likely to make, but as a fan of the comic, I still appreciate these. Nicely done!

Thanks, and though you will not make them, I still appreciate your compliment :)

But if you change you mind and make one.... Just joking ;)

Hi, I just printed the whole set, love it! and find the base fits perfectly, the leg extension and base hole are both 2x2mm.
Thanks for this work!
Can you share a high level workflow to try to create our own figures?

Glad you like it :)

I don't think there is a lot to say about the workflow involved. I was just making a simple stick figure one evening. When I realized it started to look like the xkcd man I opened the xkcd website in the background and adjusted it to look as much as the original as my limited talent allowed me.

I made the figures in rhino. I drew them with a single curve, and used the offset function to give the "line" a thickness. I then trimmed and extended all the curves to form a closed loop that I could extrude... and that's it.

Really nice, I had to finesse the hole in the base a tiny bit with a tiny square diamond file, any plans on making other characters/poses? Like the blond girl with the raygun and the older woman with glasses and a bun from http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/im_with_her.png guy on a chair with a sword is also pretty sweet.

Glad you liked it :) I have actually planed to make another series, and have collected a list of my favorite moments, but have not taken me the time to make it yet. I'll add your suggestions to my todo list, and then see to that I get the time :) And the sword guy is already on the list from the "compiling" episode :)

Nice, the older woman with a bun and glasses seem to be fairly frequently recurring character and the blond girl has held a raygun in a fair few comics as well.

Made the Science guy yesterday and it looks great. The only issue is that the hole in the base is too small

Cool :) Yes, I think I should make a new base... at some point in time... maybe :) But the hole is easy to fix with a drill or even just a screw driver.

I saw your make. It looks really good. Thanks for sharing :)

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Great :)
But why is there no one-piece models?
Many printers would do it well ;)

Thanks for the compliment :) But I think you will have to use way to much support material if you were to print this in one piece. Even with an SLA printer, I think only four the figures would be able to print without support.

But if you are willing to test it, I would gladly upload a test figure in one piece :) Which one?

I think it is a bit funny to have 2D characters printed in 3D

Thank you so much! I made it and gifted to my gf at 14th February. She likes it!

Hi, I'm new in 3D printing, do I need use support for this characters?

Welcome to the macial world of 3d printing :) No, these figures lay flat on the printing bed while you print them, so no support needed.

When you import the figures in your slicer program, if they are not laying down, them you will have an option in you slicer program to rotate them.

Awesome thing the 3D printing, I want to print everything :), thank you for your answer, I'm printing one character now.!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Very cool idea.

The hole in the base is indeed too small and I also needed to help it with my screwdriver. I think it should be safe to add 0.15-0.20mm offset.

what does xkcd mean cool figures i printed the science one and gave it to my science teacher

xkcd is the best nerdy comic you will find :)

Awesome! Did you just draw the figures, or use an app to get them from the comics themselves? Also, .4mm tolerances are usually good for a tight press fit, for future reference. I'll be printing these when I get back to school, I'll let you know how they fit together.

Glad you like them :) I just drew them in my cad program while having the site opened in the browser next to it. I'm really looking forward to see how they turn out when you print them :)

i've also used cookiecaster (http://www.cookiecaster.com/) to do this sort of stuff. you can either draw in it or upload an image file, and it creates a cookie cutter STL for the outline. Throwing that into CAD plus a couple boolean operations is much easier than trying to draw it by hand in CAD.
Solidworks also has an autotrace plugin which can do this as well, depending on what CAD program you're using.

They are so cool!!