Liner Lock Pocket Knife

by Caboose Jul 13, 2013
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I'd like to do the washers and pins using metal parts. Can you post the dimensions?

Any possibility of making a version 3 where the parts are threaded so can screw in the pins instead of needing to glue them? This is a great project.

I'd also add that the end of the liner should be increased in height to accommodate the two washers. As it is, the back/bottom of the knife is almost 1mm narrower than the front/top. This prying causes the pins to break at the layer lines.

I'd recommend holes intended for m5, flat-head socket screws so the can be coutnersunk on the one side and threaded on the other.

Awesome! This will be helpful for teaching some cub scouts knife safety. The front piece gave me a bit of trouble since the model has a very slight lift on on end that I didn’t notice. Once I figured that out, it came together perfectly.

thanks caboose.
after i use this stl files with DP201, it becomes good tools.
but if you want more detail things, read the following:

  1. file 'back scale v2'. (it is easy to be bent succrently.)
  2. file 'PINS' (please becareful to get rid of support)

printing this right now for my cub scouts as a learning tool. CRKT sells wood ones like this for the same price as a real knife. awesome job!

Could I print this at 75% scale?

yes! thats what i did

Is there any kind of detent or is it held shut by friction?

it is functional ? i mean, can this really cut something ?

I have found my counterpart

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the parts are really thick and with 100% infill will always curl.
I'm going to take all the parts down to my shed and use the sanding disk to both make them both thinner and flatter.
And put a much less steep angle on the blade. Ie give it an actual sensible grind
other than that - great bit of kit :-)

Might try and print a half size model. That'd be about the right thickness.

Nice design.

Hi !
just wanted to warn you the file LinerLockKnife_-_FrontShellV2.STL is inverted ... :)
I was obliged to reverse y=-180 and rotate.

Yes! Finally a cool 3D printed knife to show to the people that think FDM 3D printed guns are the scariest thing in the world!! Totally bringing this to class/work to show off (don't worry.. at college, where we can carry metal knives just like anywhere else except airports etc.). Looks a lot like my Kershaw Leek, except it has a frame lock or whatever instead of a separate liner. Good job with the modeling!

Can't get the FrontshellV2 to print on Gen 5 with or without rafts. The raft only prints on the end with the recessed hole. Without raft it curls. Any Ideas?.

You don't need rafting for any part except the liner lock. Everything should be printed flat with no overhang.

Don't take this to an airport...unlike the LIberator handgun, THIS will actually make it through security...

How about a serrated blade

Just finished making it for you. It should be added.

My washer cam e out to thin. I think I will need to print it with at least double the thickness. Works even without it!

V2 is currently in the works and the washer is going to be incorporated into blade. Should be printed and released tonight.