Customizable Dark One Dagger

by stockto Dec 5, 2015
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How can I generate de four parts dagger?

Joel The 3D Printing Nerd featured this dagger model in a featured cosplayer video where he got this coplayer her own first 3d printer.
Fun video, cute cosplayer and the dagger model turned out fantastic. ^_^

I can't get it to work

So I'm not going to print this, as I have no use for a dagger made of plastic. BUT, the 3D Printing Nerd, Joel, showcased your dagger with Kato, a British steampunk model in southern California, on the Prusa i3 mk2. Then she did a photo shoot with it I guess. Thought that could be something you could include on this post. I certainly would.


How Do You Customize it?

Hey Stockto, Thanks for this amazing model. I printed it with 45 degrees upwards and support and all details were preserved. I would love to be able to sell hand made versions of it. Would you not consider allowing for commercial, non-industrial use?
Best regards

hi i made this with no raft , it turnd out very good thanks.

Except once you customize it, you can't download it...lame

that's not true... you have to click on "go to my queue", click on your customized thing and you can download it under the files window

Love it. Made one (working on second). 1st one made was to small for wife's hand. So enlarged it by 150% and now printing 2nd...

But I noticed the scroll work on the back half of the blade is incorrect (mostly missing).

Here is link of the design work on the back half of the blade... Could we get that added in so it is accurate?


Never mind I figured it out. Change line under Module draw text to "rotate([0, 1.2, 180]"

Text is is going in wrong direction comparing to original. Text should be going towards hilt not away from it.
Anyone know how can I fix this in scad?

How much does it weight?

Why can I not export the dagger into 4 parts?

no matter what I tried, I couldn't get this to work.

is it sharp? because I have a name on that sword just for him. hehehe.

Whether you select a one-piece print or a two-piece print, Customizer still has to generate two files. (Doesn't seem ideal, but that's just how it works.) So if you select a one-piece print, you will get two identical .stl files containing the full dagger.

I might be missing something, but I wanted to scale this down to what can be printed on the printer bed, and print it as a 1-piece prop. So, I selected not to do a multi-part dagger. However when I customized it and downloaded the zip file, it contained 2 files af about the same size. When I printed one, it was 1/2 of the dagger (lengthwise), apparently one of two halves that are intended to be glued together. Was this designed to be able to print as a 1 piece item, or is there something going on in the Customizer?
UPDATE: Ok the print might have aborted due to a spool tangle. Black filament, of course, and I didn't see it when I posted... But in any case what are the 2 STL files?

Hmm, it works fine for me. Try again from a different computer? If that doesn't work, send me a private message and I'll generate one for you.

I really love this dagger! I'm a huge fan of the series and my family too! Unfortunately I tried many times to make my custom version but I can't open it in Customizer... (can't with Chrome and same with Explorer) there's a problem of communication with thingiverse (it seems so).. can you re-upload the file please? pleeeease .

Thank you for the response Stockto! Will use those setting after I slice it. Thx

Hello! love this design! amazing idea but my printer is too small for this, is there a possibility where you can make the blades in two pieces? top half and bottom half? thanks

Try the suggestions listed in the comment below.


@GamerGorman/Asphalt: I had included an option for a 4-part print, but it seemed to make Customizer fail more often. Since people want this feature, I will give it another try and see how things go.

@legendsof420: Mine was printed on a Replicator 2 at .1 mm layer height with 30% infill. Hope that helps!

For those who are having problems exporting: Sometimes Customizer fails with no error message when generating the final model. You can try the following:

  • Try it again (I have had Customizer fail and then work a minute later, using the same settings.)
  • Change the model slightly (Move the text a little bit to the left, for example.)
  • Try generating the model at a different time of day

Good luck!

may I suggest this: a file with the hilt in 2 parts and the back of the blade 3rd part, then only the name side of the blade as a customizeable piece?

Please put the 4 parts back ASAP! thanks

I cant get it to customize any help plz.

My mom is a huge fan she is going to love this for christmas

1st Love the design, gj and 2nd love that you're able to customize this. :)

But this is my second print, and I am a bit confused on the settings.

I would appreciate it if someone could give me the settings config for a replicator 2 or just in general. Thanks in advance :)

Happy printing!

I would love to be able to do it in 4 parts as well to get a larger print. Anyone know how that could be done in customizer?

i love this but i feel like i need to say...**spoiler alert the show is getting ridiculous now. how many dark ones are they going to introduce?! Common guys. 1 is bad. 10+ is too many. Also why are they always erasing memories. once is ok. twice is abit repetitive. but 4 times? thats insane. they need a new way to set up a season.

Very nicely done! I am really interested in printing this at some point - especially now that the dagger is so much more important on the show.

Can't get this to export properly in Customizer

Oooh, how can we get it to print like the 4 parts in that last pic?

I absolutely love this! But could you add an option to split the blade from the hilt, AND the blade in half?