Cheerson CX-20 / Quanum Nova Compass (& GPS) Puck

by Sceeker Dec 4, 2015
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The new Quanum Nova Pro is different. Same pod turret as the original, but it's a combined compass/GPS, a ublox 7M, that's in there. These pods mount on the turret fine. The diameter of the module is 44 mm. It is too large to fit the small pod, and has 2.7 mm gap in the large one. It mounts with 4 screws so that custom bottom surface for the antenna is actually a bit in the way. So. if I wanted to customize this... would I need the source files, or would it be better to design from scratch? I am comfortable with rhino 3d, but its mesh capabilities aren't so good, I am told.


I am sorry I don't have the source files anymore...
Plus I made it on Cinema 4D.
You should try 123D Design or modelling it is VERY simple and very powerful !
You'll learn how to use it in 2h for making those kind of simple objects !
You shoud try it but if you prefer Rhino 3D do what you want.

Should the lid be printed upside down perhaps? Printing it as it is with the pins facing down, a lot of support rails will have to be printed. Or is there some good reason to print it as shown, pins down?

This is not the voice of experience speaking, but a new owner of a 3D printer :-) Thank you for posting this! I have a Quanum Nova Pro on order, after my original Nova decided to malfunction and fly away... and they did not improve on the flimsy shell in the new version, so I will print this to replace immediately upon arrival


To answer my own question... this needs to be flipped before printing. I guess that's pretty obvious to anyone with more experience than me. I tried the top both ways...

Yes it has to be flipped.

Isn't the point of putting the compass up there to avoid interference from other components?

The GPS and the compass do NOT interfer between them. In any case, I printed this and my CX20 is way more stable than his factory position and I can lock the motors instantly. Also with that I could up the PCB so a 5200mAh battery could fit.

I added a version where you can put the GPS too !

are there any issues with gps reception through the cap?

What do you mean by issue ?
I didn't have the time to test it a lot but reception seemed totally fine.

That's what I was referring too, I was just wondering if the thicker plastic caused any reception issues, as the Cheerson plastic is a paper thin hard plastic