Xbox One / Wii U / PS4 Controller Wall Mounts

by crazyg0od33 Dec 5, 2015
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This is great, thanks. I use my elite controller with a brook adapter to attach to a PS4 (http://www.brookaccessory.com/detail/84585951/ ) -- any chance to get a version of the model which supports that? The current one fits, but is somewhat wobbly.

So you use an XB1 Elite, with that adapter (just trying to make sure I have it right)?

I can try, but I can't make any promises on reducing the wobble as I don't have one of those accessories myself. It may take a few iterations with you testing it out.

Any chance you could get a width measurement of that part that sticks out at the top? Specifically at the base, where it almost meets the controller?


Thanks for giving this a go. Here are some images -- happy to measure more. I'm in a techie-heavy clan where several people use this setup, so could mean a bunch of copies :)

awesome, thanks!

Out of curiosity, have you tried the PS4 version?

It doesn't have that top part that curls over, so it may work better for this type of setup.

Thanks. I haven't tried the PS4 one. Will print one now and let you know.

PS4 version works reasonably well https://www.thingiverse.com/make:488381

Xbox One / Wii U / PS4 Controller Wall Mounts

Hey, great work man. Just one question.. How much shake could it tolerate? Think like earthquake 6.0, building in Japan, 20th floor.

Im worried that the lip area might be lacking, could be extended a bit higher? Its specialized per controller anyway so might go 'half hug' on the controller for safety.

Thanks for providing this. Greatly appreciate it. The design is uniform. At least mounting my XBone, PS4 controllers would look identical.

Hope you also do for old controllers like PS1/2/360 etc.

Are you sure it won't support xbox 360 controllers? I have a pair and was hopping to find someone who had tried it already

360 controllers have the battery pack sticking off the back. So no, it doesn't support them. It may fit dualshock 3 controllers, but I haven't tested it.

the biggest shake problems are side to side. Front to back hasnt been much of an issue in my case, since the controller is already leaning back a bit. I highly doubt they would stay on during a magnitude 6 earthquake on the 20th floor of a building, but I've also never experienced an earthquake before.

i wasnt planning on doing for the older consoles, since I don't have the controllers anymore, but if I could get my hands on one I may give it a shot

thanks. ill probably just put rubber band just in case.

works great! thanks alot! :D

Simplify3D tels me that the item is too big for printer dimensions... what is the exact dimensions of this item?
Thank you

Also, what printer are you using? I highly doubt it, but there's a chance you may have a tiny printer that actually can't handle the dimensions

that's...odd. I use S3D as well and have had zero issues. Hold on I'll get the dimensions (probably a scaling issue of a factor of 10 - that's usually what happens)

the box dimensions (X/Y/Z) are: 2.97in x 1.57in x 2.44in. That's if you made a full cube around it. That should give a decent idea of the scaling you need, but once I get home (where the actual file is located) I'll get exact dimensions if you still need them.

Update: I have this problem only on this file: XB1_NoScrews_Deep.stl

I'm going to try and fix it, but for now, if you change the "X" scale to 75.43 with Uniform Scaling checked, it corrects the sizing

I use an Anet A8 and it is the first time that i have this problem. I use metric system on my simplify. Can be this the problem? For obtain 2,97inches (7,54cm) the object is resized at 3,94%.
It's very strange...

ok, weird - same thing for me now but you are the first person to report it. let me see what I can do (all the others work fine for me)

:) Another thing... what is the differences between --XB1_NoScrews_Deep.stl-- and --XB1_Mount.stl-- ?

also, it's fixed now! I exported the resized version from within S3D and it's working now.

Thanks so much for reporting it!

Thanks to you for this very good project!!!

The deep one sticks further away from the wall if you want that. The regular one, the triggers sit pretty close to the wall (I prefer that one)

Can someone tell me how much this weighs?


@ 10% infill - the mounts (both styles) weigh 0.06 ounces

Printed this cause I have xbox and Wii U but the Wii U Pro controller hits the wall and thus decreases the stability of the mount. Any chance you can modify the screws-less one to be deeper for the Wii U Pro controller? Would only need to be about 7mm

ok, I added a slightly deeper non-screw version. Let me know if that one works!

Thanks again

hm, interesting. That's never happened to me with my pro controller, but no problem! I'll get a deeper version up asap

thanks for letting me know

Do you know if it would fit the switch pro controller as well?

I actually did test this - the PS4 version, I repeat the PS4 version - fits the switch pro controller.

The Xbox / Wii U variant does not

Xbox one with screws has no data, a file but nothing in it...

Weird. Lemme reupload it in a minute.

Np. in the mean time I edited the STL for my own use and added screw holes and rounded off the top so the head doesn't poke threw, currently printing it out atm. I like the design though, kudio's

Very cool! If you wanna throw it up as a remix, feel free. I'd love to see what you did with it.

Also, the file is back up and working. Sorry about the delay, it was late and I fell asleep haha

http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2004480 Tada! lol, made sure I added credits

Xbox One Controller Wall Bracket with tapered screw holes
by gleetk

I like it! Good idea for the larger holes. I just use command strips so the holes dont get used by me but the larger openings could help some people!

Meh, its my first remix. Just got a 3d printer a week ago, and have been on a tirade of wall-mounting everything, mostly due to being bored but also to is may as well utilize wall space, but also do it stylish. BS excuse just bored lol

Hey gleetk,

how do you convert stl-files? Do you edit them in a CAD-program or how did you do it?

Will there be one for a pegboard

I wasn't planning on making one for a pegboard as I don't have a pegboard myself so it's tough to test out. But I can look into it.

How much is the Xbox One Controller Sticking out?

I want to remix this one so it functions like thing 1012779 and holds two controllers on the table

Hey sorry just got back from vacation. I'll check and let you know.

PS4 Version is complete!

Currently working on a ps4 version, the xb1 with headset adapter version, and I just bought a Wii u so a Wii u pro controller version will be in the works too...stay tuned

do you know if these would fit an Xbox 360 or PS3 controller?

im not sure. I can see if I've got any laying around and check though

Did you figure out an answer on this? I also need one for a 360 controller. Thx.

Haven't gotten it figured out with the headset connector yet. Real job had gotten in the way. I can try on my next long weekend.

Also don't have any 360 controllers at the moment to model off of, and it would be a complete redesign due to the battery pack. So a 360 version most likely isn't happening right now, Sorry

Printed it out and works great! Holds the controller flush against the wall. Only using the screw/nail hole doesn't quite work well. So I'm using both the hole and 3M tape to anchor it to the wall. Seems solid enough. And the print is pretty durable as well. 20% Infill.

Id like to hear when the xbox elite one with the slots for the paddles is done, if there is some way to message me please do that if you have time, thanks for making these, they are super useful!

No problem! And my fault for not updating you all, or the description. These actually are narrow enough to fit between the paddles! So the existing ones do work with the elite controller already.

Sweet thanks! glad to hear that, ill try it tonight. I also saw someone with a 3d printed controller faceplate, if that was you can you tell me the name of it that would be awesome!

that was not me, but if you go to the "made" tab, it'll tell you who it was

Can you add a slotted key hole on the back for a recessed screw/hanger? For now I will use double sided sticky tape. Thanks for this!

uploading now, let me know if it works for you!

I've made a slight update to make the inner slot a little larger. I had trouble on the one I printed when actually inserting / sliding it onto a screw. The main large hole still works, but I just enlarged the slot a bit to make the screw slide on better.

That file is up now, replacing the original recessed one

Brilliant can you do one with screw holes please thanks

the version with screw tabs is online now!

yup will get working on that asap! It'll probably just be holes without threading just to work as an anchor point if that's alright?