Captain's SHIELD

by ironQ Dec 8, 2015
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what scaling of the parts is needed to get the 1:1 scale of a 2 foot diameter?

Wanted to add that I printed a minier version of this at 200% just to check it before I printed the full size version. everything fits together fine. Also if you want it to be a full size replica at approx 26" in diameter you will need to print it at 1200%. That give you 26" diamter I am starting my full print tonight will post when complete

Well guys have to say, tnis has been a pain in the ass to glue together, I'm now at the point if trying to fit centre piece to the outside ring, and boy is it hard.
It's tight, and any kind of force just breaks the outer ring.

Anyone got any tips, or tools they used to get this sanded better to fit...
I just want to get this proper stuck so I can get on with the painting part.

OK need a bit of help here, finally got all pieces printed, i used Davinci jnrs own software, which has been great with no problems, now what i did was to increase all pieces to 650 , and that's made it about 3/4 full size.

now my major problem, as i'm looking at putting together.
My massive problem is this..., the center circles when glued together, is i'm on the very last segment...and pre lim fitting before gluing , shows it falling a good inch short on one side.

Now my thoughts are this, do you think i could reprint an extra piece and say increase it to something like 652 and hope it fits, probably not as it will increase all round i guess.
i do have modelers putty, but i feel the gap is just to big from what i'm used to in these builds.

i'm so disappointed, all was going so well,

so i just need some help guys or any tips/ideas how i can fix this problem so i can get that last center piece to fit..


I know, I met the same problem.
I use the support piece(printed left) to fill the gap. then sharp the piece.

I don't quite understand what you mean, can you explain a bit clearer if possible.

print another slice piece to fill the gap

The gap is only about 1inch....so I may print one a bit larger see what happens....otherwise it's probably just a bit to big for putty, but I may have to try that.
Thanks for your quick replies, appreciated..

1 inch????What's the diameter you have printed ???

It's the final centre piece I'm trying to glue, I'll try get a pic so you have an idea what I mean....
Thanks again

I'm blocked in China.Plz email me

Just sent thanks

What did you use to attach the pieces together? Can you explain that process a little more?

cyanoacrylate adhesive. We call it 502 glue here.

How did you get it to look seamless?

Use the putty to fill the groove then polish

Quick question, going to print this as a display only at around 6x.....do you print as the files come out but with supports, or do you lay them flat?
great work btw

You can refer to the last image. If you wanna print a small one, I'll upload a complete shield model after homed

Thanks, I'm just printing first piece now, going for as large as my printer will take..I'll keep you posted with pics hopefully when it's all done.

I've uploaded.

It looks pretty big, I am thinking of doing this for my son (5 years old). I would you think that printing at 5 times would be enough? What is the original diameter at 1 times? Thanks for any info.

8.5-times' diameter is about 48 cm. That would depends on your son‘s arm.

There are only 3 files in the download group and that does not make the complete shield. Could please check on this?

Could please check the Summary? The shield is nearly a solid of revolution.

Oh You have to print each part multiple times and combine them?

Oh You don't check the summary and all images?

What is the diameter of the completed shield at 8.5 times scale? At 1:1 scale?

a little bit smaller. it's about 0.8 times

Are you using 100% infill?

10% would be strong enough.
Frankly,I'm not going to save the world with this plastic shield.....

Hiya, how much does this weigh in grams? The cost to print here (Don't have my own printer) is 20 eurocent per gram.. Can you help me out asap?

About one kilogram...

what size would you recommend it to be printed as

well,that depends on your arm.
as you can see,i am thin in photo 2.
Enlarge 8.5 times is perfectly suitable for me.
if you are a lot stronger,10 times recommended...

when post it,I thought nobody notice my creation for a long time.....
cause I forgot we are in the different time zone.......
"Good Morning",everyone.
Thanks for everybody liked it!!!!
so,Good night to myself