Just right light for Lulzbot Mini

by Ductsoup Dec 6, 2015
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What are you using for the raspberry pi case/mount?

Both are things from here. They're probably in my Pi collection. If not just search for something like Pi case.

How are you powering the leds? Are you using some type of converter or step down? I notice the power supply only has the 120v AC in and the two 24v DC out. Wondering what you did on the electrical side?

I recycled a laptop charger that lived longer than the laptop it was designed to charge. Yes, you could tap into the Lulzbot's power supply but it's simpler, safer and easier to power them from a separate source.

Check the spec sheet for the LED strip you're using. Add up the current draw for the number of LEDs you're using then go digging in the junk drawer (treasure chest) for a DC charger or power supply that has the same voltage and at least as many amps.

I uploaded a LED light I designed for the mini and posted yours as the inspiration! Check it out: www.thingiverse.com/thing:1823488

Lulzbot Mini LED Light

That looks great!

Awesome thanks for the help!!

One last question, what angle is the mount designed for? I am looking into designing my own light mount and love the angle you have your led strip set at!! To me, it looks like it is 35-45 degrees away from vertical . I hope that makes sense... lol

Rhino says it's about 23.32 degrees from vertical. I took some quick measurements and angled it to the center of the Y travel.

Do you have a picture of the actual light array on the printer?

The HDRI on my phone is a little wanting.

Could you turn off the lights and use your camera flash maybe? I really have no clue where the lights are mounted and I'm trying to figure that out. The pictures don't help too much.

It's a press fit, no holes or fasteners are required. Mine is located about where the carrying handle (that I never use) is on the top left but you can position it wherever you like. Just slip it on the front frame and press up until it's snug. I printed mine in black because I wanted it to be more or less invisible, which makes it troublesome to photograph.

I see. Yeah I have an adhesive LED strip running along the entire front top rim which blocks the direct light and lights the bed decently. I will eventually want to take time lapses and I am looking for a better lighting solution. Thanks for the pictures!