Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Radial Compressor Siren

by WillGill Dec 7, 2015
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Hi, how did you print the scroll #3? I am trying to print it with the opening facing down, and twice the inside curve doesn't stick... so I looked at it closely, and the inside curve is a bit shorter than the outside curve. It won't generate support under it, maybe because there is not enough space to leave a gap to the part from the support material. I'm curious to know how you got it to print. I might design my own support material, not sure yet. Maybe I'm just not thinking about this right. Anyways, let me know please!

Apologies for not replying, I was looking into what you mentioned and couldn't duplicate it. When I printed the scroll I kept the open face up as to keep the interior smooth, as the outside doesn't really matter. I'm happy to hear you figured out you own solution though. And to you comment on speed you are absolutely right, it starts to make noise around 2000 rpm and mine blew up at 3500 rpm. To react those speeds I mounted it to my lathe. I made this as an engineering project for my turbo-machinery class.

No worries, I will assemble it on the weekend, just cause it's a pretty nice design anyways!! haha! I wonder if I can get some small electric motor and connect it to it to make it work... I will look into that... :)

I'll answer myself: The scroll-3 model is not right, the shorter flat face is angled and not the same height as the other flat face... but, I made a skirt 10 loops so that it would reach under the shorter flat face, and the skirt was thick enough to compensate, so it printed fine doing that. I will sand and assemble this whole thing and test it on the weekend, I will report back. I have a feeling that the spinning speed won't be fast enough to create the siren sound... probably needs some gear in there to make it spin faster, but, it's a very nice model, and let's see after assembly... :)