Minecraft Spider

by ramontorres Dec 7, 2015
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I tried printing it both ways, both have pros & cons.

Right side up
Pro: nice looking surface on top where it is most visible. Depending on the pattern you use for top/bottom layer you can get variations in how the abdomen & thorax look. I used an 8mm brim and had no adhesion issues. Less support material under the legs.
Con: Lots of difficult to remove support material underneath, which left the underside of the abdomen in particular very rough.

Upside down
Pro: printing starts with a large flat area that give it a solid start and helps adhesion
Con: THe smoothest surface winds up on the bottom, and the top visible surface will have the texture of your build plate. The top of the thorax came out really rough from the supports.

Still trying to figure out the best way to print the head. Face up you get support material inside the socket and I broke one side of the socket trying to get it out. Face down you get a thin layer that's almost impossible to remove obscuring the face details. In both cases, the socket broke along a layer line. Next up, printing it on its side.

In the photos right side up body & face down head on the left, upside down body, face up head on the right.

Anyone tried printing the body upside down, so that the larger part of the back is on the bed?
With supports for the legs and upper body of course.

Tried. Failed. Outside edge of the legs started curling up til it hit my cooling duct. Was going good til that point. I still need to get a better handle on supports though. They seem to over extrude & the part under extrudes.

I did it that way, it worked quite well for me although the marks of the supports are visible on the top of the legs.

I might try #3 upside down. Right side up printed ok w/ meshmixer supports. Man they were a pain to remove even being pointy at the top. My black filament is bad about curling. All 4 corners of the head lifted about 1/8 by the time it was half printed. Repeated w/ a 5 pass 2 layer brim and kept the fan slow the 1st 5 layers. That worked.
I shoukd be abke to print w/ no leg supports if they don't curl. This Ender is good w/ overhangs; when they don't warp.

doesn't work. Tried it three times and the body keeps detaching or moving, screwing the whole thing up.