Ultimaker 2 Top Enclosure

by MIHB Dec 15, 2015
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Hey! In your measurements, you show the front as being 326mm and the back as being 316mm wide. Is this correct or is one of them wrong?

I see this online shop is selling UM2 acrylic top cover and front door, its feedback is positive and I wanna buy i, could you give me some suggestions? https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Ultimaker-2-2-3d-printer-safety-enclosure-acrylic-kit-parts-heat-preservation-not-including-the-3d/1470565_32759918373.html?spm=2114.12010612.0.0.y5kiE6

Have you had any issues with your motors, or do you have mounted fans on them? Asking as raised temperatures for longer periods and the magnets inside can begin to weaken.

Hi, good question !
For the moment I only put my extruder motor outside the enclosure with a tooth wheel de-multiplication box for more torque.
The other motors look fine in the enclosure but I was searching to put them outside in "direct drive" with flex shaft to couple them with the 8mm rod. I didn't had time to design this and was expecting to find something on the net... without chance for the moment.

In one year and a half of printing with enclosure, I saw big difference on quality. But be aware that the parts in the printer that are exposed by the heat would break faster (especially the black plastic parts).

Putting motors outside and then use flex-couplings is rather counterproductive... reason to put motors outside is to get direct drive from motor to the axles.. by deoucpling using flexible couplings is almost guaranteed to make for bad results.
Rigid couplings would be the best choice here.
edit: I seriously doubt putting motors outside has any visible quality results.

On my other printer, which has same mechanics as UM including motor-covers, I have mounted a small heatsink and 40mm fans under the motors to cool them.
I guess I should do the same on my UM2+ now that I've made the lid.

When you say "Black plastic parts". I take it you mean the parts used to build the enclosure and not the form-moulded motor mounts and carriage?

Do you use the enclosure for PLA as well as ABS? I made the enclosure, and think it is causing jams when printing PLA due to higher ambient temperatures making the material soft inside the bowden tube.

I never print PLA so I don't know well how to print it. But it's probably not a good idea to enclose a printer to print PLA.
Go and get better advices to print PLA on the net ! ;)

I was able to use .22 inch thick acrylic from Home Depot in the US without any issues. The fit was a bit tight, but I was able to get everything to work.

The increments of polycarbonate / lexan material thickness are 3mm - 4.5mm - 6mm.
I LOVE this design but with 5mm acrylic, it's very tough to come by. I'm typically seeing 5mm sheets available outside the USA. Any thoughts on making this design compatible with industry standard polycarbonate thickness' i post above?

I'm sure it'll work with 4.5mm. I just used 5m acrylic plates and it is a pretty tight fit.

Industry standards are different between us and eu.

Hello, did you end up attempting to make this? Maybe I am missing it, but where does it say it needs 5mm? This person said they made it with 6mm: http://www.thingiverse.com/make:267677

I am planning on making this soon and trying to get everything squared away before.

EDIT: And as soon as I posted this I went back to details and finally saw the 5mm mention...

Ultimaker 2 Top Enclosure


I decided not to. I could not get myself to order the 5mm thick acrylic. It says it right above the list of sizes needed for the length and widths of the sheets. It's in parentheses. It's easy to overlook. The 5mm acrylic is ONLY available in Europe and not in the USA. I am not sure why but I believe it's so the North American and European markets don't clash for competition so they have separated themselves on thickness' available.

I went a different route completely and glad I did. I was seeking a better enclosure that was tighter but offered me some better options. I went with the Ikea Lack tables stacked. I believe it can give me a better seal on the enclosure. Cost effective. Better expandability and better performance. Shoot me a PM and I can show you my custom setup.

Thank you for uploading this. We've recently made one for our FabLab. Since we now couldn't use our camera mount anymore, I've merged the inner part of your front right corner with the original Ultimaker2 camera mount - works fine and looks quite cool.

Check it out here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1892647

Top Enclosure Camera Mount

Do you print the 5x Corner with support?
Or do you have the part in two stl files?
Best regards!!

No, you have to separate them and put the two parts laying down.
You'll find in your printer's software the options to do that.

Maybe you can upload them in seperate files as the current version of Cura can no longer split them?

It's uploaded !
You can split your .stl with Meshmixer as well. It's a powerful and useful software to play with stl's.

Thanks. Ended up doing it in Tinkercad.com instead :)

Thank you for your design :)

Thanks, one more thing learned about cura ;-)

Did you run into any issues with durability ?
Did you modify printing settings a lot for ABS ?

I want to enclose my UM2+ too and wonder what the best settings for ABS will be.


What do you mean by "durability" ?

We modified the settings for the ABS a bit from the default parameters.
Note that each roll of material have to be characterized because their are not the same according to the brand, even the different colorant may modify his proprieties.
One way to characterize your material is to print a calibration cube : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:298812 and then decided visually if your print is acceptable or not.

On these printers, tests of the material is a part of the game ! ;)

XY 20 mm Calibration Box

Are there some drafts or dimensions of the holes?

Your 3D parts are the drafts. You can easily drill at 4mm the holes of the polycarbonates sheets with the 3D printed parts on.
We made it like this and all parts fitted perfectly.

Could you upload a picture that shows the backside? Maybe from a low angle? That way it would be possible to see how the bowden and cables enter the enclosure.

It's done ! ;)
You can eventually preserve more heat inside by closing this hole with kind of textile. But you have to let the cables move freely around this hole.