Stratux Nano SDR dual case with fan

by helno Dec 8, 2015
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"This case has been superseded by the squared off slim case, I highly recommend it over this older design."

Where can I get the "squared off slim case" - or are these the 'new' files?



Excellent - thanks very much. I am actually using it as a case for a system called 'PilotAware' so may have to modify it to get things to fit

Best wishes


What cooling fan is this designed to fit?

The actual cut out is 30.5mm x 30.5mm with a depth of 11mm. The 30x30x10 fan I have fits in tight and my 30x30x7 goes in with some free space.

Be sure to order the files marked "NEW" if you are looking to use larger high gain antennas.

I can't get the high gain antennas to fit. I ordered it ($36), is a waste for me.

Which files did you submit for printing? The ones marked "New" with a date of 4-18-16 are sized to fit the high gain antennas.

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Stratux Nano SDR dual case with fan by helno

I can't tell which files were submitted from that. You are best to contact the 3d hub you ordered it from to be sure they printed the files that you requested.

The original design predates the high gain antennas by several months so there are two versions of this case with the files marked "NEW" supporting the larger antennas. (There are actually 8 versions if you count all the variations of # of antenna mounts and optional suction cup mounts)

I apologise for any confusion on this.

I have my parts coming this week for my build, and love your case, thank you for posting! Any signal strength issues with the dual-antennas being so close to each other, and not vertical (if I lay it flat on the glareshield)? All other cases have the antennas on opposite sides of the box, but your design would give the antennas much better protection from damage while stowed.

I never took this design across the border so no testing of dual band in action.

Make sure you get the files marked "NEW" to run high gain antennas.

I like this case design the way the antennas are set up, any chance it will work with the mini 2 sdr?

This case is only for the Nano SDR's the minis need a much longer case.

Any chance of a stretched version? my cad skills are almost nill.

Interested in this design. Can you post a picture of the guts so I can get an idea of the layout?



I have a bunch of shielding installed so there is not much to see.

What M3 screw length are needed for this case? What screws do you recommend for the pi for this case?

I printed this in white nylon. It's pretty nice!

How can I change the size of the micro usb port opening in the case? There is a big gap around the port and I'm looking to make that space smaller. Thanks

Download the source files and edit it.

I found that having a tigher hole around the connector caused issue fitting different types.

Pardon the dumb question but I can't get it to fit in the print area for my Printrbot Simple Metal if I lay it flat. I am using Cura 15.02.1.Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Not sure what the issue is. I have a simple metal and it fits just fine.

Perhaps this is a metric/imperial issue?

I printed this out but had a problem with the bottom part, where the screw hole is recessed, that wall is to thin and I get a whole on the wall that is part of the inside wall.. if that makes sense

I'm not really sure which part you are talking about, the bottom does not have any recessed holes? Do you mean on the Rpi end where the SD card inserts? Those screw holes are pretty close to the wall but I have never had a gap print there

Post a picture so I can tell what you mean?