Printable Handcuffs v1.0

by gianteye Nov 14, 2009
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How does the chain work?

I hope it's me but the small parts don't come out the right sizes, they're all too tight. The lockpin was too tight, too big and too short. The toothweel was too tight and too small, too. Using Makerware and a Wanhao Duplicator x4. (note: with ABS the cuff itself also moves enough to come loose of the toothwheel, maybe introduce a guard?)

What bed material are you using while printing with nylon? Have tried a few different materials and temperatures but I don't get it to stick well enough.

Once again I can see the need for a printable "standard" which we could use to test print threads and fasteners in general. I know I can/have printed threads - but there is a size and shape limit.

It's gonna vary from machine to machine and even between different build materials. I think I got luck with this one eyeballing the threads from other designs.

I've fantasized about living in a world with a searchable database of materials and engineering standards for easy reference. Getting the minimum thickness and step without shrink in glass filled nylon injected plastic would be useful data.

VERY cool! Will it be compatible with the (printable) Dutch/German key (STL available online)?
See http://blog.erikdebruijn.nl/uploads/RepRap/handcuff-key-dutch-police-plastic1.serendipityThumb.jpghttp://blog.erikdebruijn.nl/up... for more info in that :)

I hope to print this very soon. 8-)

Didn't Vik suggest that we should make sex toys and make 3D printing popular for a wider audience just like the it did for the internet? He might have said something different... ;)

I believe that @ home sexfab would increase the stickyness of reprap and makerbot. I alluded to that very key in the description to this project. I'm eager to see if it performs like I'd planned with the reduction of resolution that desktop printers provide.

An apt choice of words, stickiness... :-P
I'm curious, what is it that you plan to do?

You mean with this design or with 3d printing in general? I just made this design as an experiment in printed mechanisms. I'd like to get a handle on the limits of fdm printing to see how far you can go using only printed parts.

in that case, FDM printers can handle standard threading no problem

Well one of the neatest things I've printed so far ! many thanks :)
BTW - it is so well designed that I didn't need any tools for assembly
(I need to get cracking with SolidWorks to see what I can come up with that is equal to this)

Well THAT's cool.
How many people have printed this successfully?

Next step: an open/translucent 5-pin lock for lockpicking-demonstrations.