Magnetic Gift Box (58 X 26mm)

by Dranoweb Dec 8, 2015
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Nice little box. I would recommend a slight change though, stemming from experience in making similar magnet based enclosures from wood: Use a piece of metal (iron based) on one side and a magnet on the other. Short computer screws work well. If you use magnets for both sides these things can be quite hard to open, and often pull one magnet out of its mounting hole. If you use a screw/piece of ferrous metal, it will be easier to open, less likely to pull a magnet out, and cheaper as you need two magnets instead of four. I like the design and will be adding a couple to the print que.

Source files added - DWG is in autocad 2010 format, 3d models are in Autodesk Inventor 2015 format.

Ill post the source files for you and you can modify as you see fit.

Where I intended to use this - vibration is an issue and therefore a stronger attraction was preferred.

This design came about as a single-use item.

As far as cost - where I am, magnets are cheaper than screws, my entire screw box is full of stainless (non magnetic) screws.

If you use roof and gutter silicone or t-rex multi purpose adhesive, you will peel the plating off the magnet before removing them.

many solutions to any problem

I will have to take you advice on the adhesives, you may have solved an issue for me. Thanks man!

No probs.sharing ideas is what it's all about. I do take on advice and consider it in each successive design

This video also puts your concerns to rest:

Nice, but I don't think storing USB sticks near a magnet is good ;)

This video explains why floppy disks and traditional hard disk drives are succeptible to magnetic fields.

Flash memory is not....


We don't live in the land of floppy disks anymore.
Flash memory is either capacitor or transistor based storage - not magnetically stored.

moving disc drives store data magnetically but are also heavily sheilded.

Flash drives are unaffected by static magnetic fields.

If anyone else requires reassurance - I'll make a video to demonstrate this.


Just watched the video - I agree and retract my earlier statement. Just paranoid.. ;)

I'll be making one soon....