Micro Lathe Frame

by Mr_Harmless Dec 8, 2015
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Looks great need something for my hobby's
any chance a Dremel as a motor. ?

NEW UPDATE: 1/5/2016

Beta 1.2

I've updated the Tool Holder, so if you print it off, the cutting edge of your tool should actually be lined up with the center of the part you're turning.

This isn't entirely true though, it's intentionally a little low, so you'll probably have to shim it up just a tad. It's just easier to shim the tool up versus the post being too high and being unable to shim it down in this current design.

I haven't the time to test it all myself, but unless my math is wrong this whole thing should be good to go.

Let me know if it works for you!

P.s. I also made the angle increments a little larger to the print a bit clearer.

I like it, Ive been working on a lathe all year but dont get much time, might have to print yours and save myself the work.
thank you for mentioning me in your "thing details".
Cheers bobwomble.

Hey everyone. The current SCAD files are not perfect. Some known issues include:

Tolerances for nut receptacles
Tolerances for through-holes on tailstock
Positioning of headstock brace holes
Placement of locking bolts on cross slide
Height of bearing holes in relation of cutting tools (And thus the chuck)
A lack of pulley wheels for gearing

This will all be taken care of within the next month. I'm graduating in the next two weeks so I have a lot going on, but I also want a relatively cheap lathe, so progress will resume.

I am waiting with excitement.

Hi there, what kind of motor and gearbox will this thing be running ? It looks great, and i am very keen to see this little guy in action, as i need something like this desperately. And for what sizes of work pieces is this made, or better put, up to how large will it be able to handle ?

No gearbox necessary. I'll scad up some belted wheels to act as gearing so the end user can use any motor they want on this thing.

You've got my interest, keep up the good work!