Hesine Prusa i3 Fan Duct Upgrade (Yes, the chinese one)

by tracetheory Dec 8, 2015
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I like the design, but it is a little bit on the heavy side, I think! The airflow is more restricted than it needs to be. Also the outlet holes should be smaller on the side of the fan and bigger on the opposite side to even out the airflow.

I cannot fit it in as the wires connecting to the extruder would need to travel right through it. How did other people solve this???

My wires go above it. But I also added a small screw to hold it onto the fan and allowed it to slope downward slightly towards and around the hotend. This has worked fine.

NOT fit at all on my prusa I3 (Hesine)

la pièce réalisée ne convient pas sur mon modèle de prusa hesine : trop épais pour le fil de résistance, trop court, pas centré
Dommage car la pièce est jolie

sorry it didn't fit, if you want to send me the inner dimensions of your fan port I will remix it for you

thank you but i make my own

Just a thought. I think maybe a contact endstop could be added to this, replacing the current Z-Axis endstop. Possibly one of the push-button types, maybe. Something to think about.

I like this idea. I think I might remix it with an induction sensor mount on it with full fan housing

I made this and it works great after I put a screw hole through it and the fan exhaust to hold it on with a 3mm screw and nut. But i have been using it for a couple of weeks since adding the screw without any problems. It would slide off during printing before I put the screw through it.

Thanks for this design. It has vastly improved my prints and is just an overall better design.

glad it helped, did the same for mine!

Hi, I just printed this... I really like the design of it, it looks like it would work great... but for me, I can't use it as is. The fan is actually pretty much centered on the nozzle, so I would prefer the inlet to be cetered on the edge of the part, and that would give more room for the wires at the same time. But really, on the one I just printed, most of the airflow comes out right in front of the air inlet, and at the back nothing is happening at all, no air. I think maybe if the front air holes were smaller than those on the sides, which would be smaller than the ones at the back, it might alleviate this a little bit, not sure though. I'd use it if the inlet was more centered on the frame. Overall a great idea, but I won't use it as is. Thanks anyways!

Thanks for the ideas! I will test some new airflow methods and see what I can come up with

I have another request...
Could you make it flatter? In my printer, the cables leave on the right side and the part is too thick...
also, it would be great if the duct had an opening somewhere, so one could mount it without detaching either the extruder or the cables.
For my printer, I also have to mirror the duct
I would upload a picture to show you what I mean if I could.,,,

that's awesome man .... thanks so much
i thought that iam the only one with that printer ☺
could you upload a X axes spare part because mine is almost broken ☺

sure thing! Can you can take a picture of it for me? So I know exactly which piece you're talking about

i can't upload a pictures in the comment ...... what i need is the X stepper motor part and x-idler

could you please post some pictures with that fan duct installed? (I own the same printer :-)

Gladly, I'll upload one now!

Don't mind my wires.. heh