Easy Print 4-Hole Ocarina

by 3E8 Dec 8, 2015
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is this supposed to be printed with support?

Love it!
Printed nicely with 20% infill.
It works pretty well, though it takes some practice to keep in tune.

Here's a picture of all the ocarinas in the slicer together:
The one in the back is this one, the one on the left is the small 5-hole one, and the one at the right is the big 6-hole one.

I'll bet that'd take awhile to print out in one sitting! Lemme guess, 6 hrs?

Works! right off the plate, used 0.4mm nozzle so holes are a bit rough, but nothing a little sand paper / hot air blower wont fix. Nice design!

This thing is horrible! It does not work or even make a slight noise, it is a waste of time and filament :(

The model isnt horrible, just your printer...

Sorry to hear that! Every one I've printed come out ok... (and many others have successfully printed/played it as well). What settings are you using?

Great job! This is the first ocarina I found that had a good sound to it. The low notes came out a bit sharp on my print but sounds excellent for a 3d print. How did you know what size to make the sound holes? Was it trial and error or known hole sizes?

Lots of guided experimentation using an iPhone app that measured frequencies, tracking with excel and then trying to mathematically predict the 'sweet spot' given a few empirical numbers. You can see a few of the old prototypes in the background of one of the posted images. Out of all the other ocarinas I've printed, I think this is the closest to sounding accurate. :) Thanks for the complement. :D

Here's the fingering chart for this instrument: http://aceocarinas.weebly.com/store/p27/Blue_Ace_Ocarina.html
Works like a charm.
EDIT: Since the original link had changed, here's an alternative:
or just do an image search for "ocarina finger chart 4 hole"

Thanks! I was looking everywhere for this!
Update, the link is broken

are there any particular settings i should print this at? and is there a large need to do sanding or adjusting? or does it come playable as it is?

I always print ABS, infill 10%, layer height .27mm, shell 1, feedrate 40mm/s, travel feedrate 55, print temp 225 and heated bed at 110... does that help? Of course your settings may be different based on your environment/machine.

No support or processing needed - just print and play. Enjoy!

Not to be crude, but I know several people who would absolutely love this if it was crossed with that poop emoji that has become so popular lately.

Could someone remix this as a poop so I can make it for them as a gift? Again, super awkward to ask this... But I think it is something they would love...

That's hilarious! A Poocarina... I'll see what I can do... :)

That's totally what I planned on calling it! lol

Keep me posted!

I don't want to publish it until I know it works, but here's where it'll be:


Once I've confirmed it makes a tune, I'll publish it. The hopefully-working prototype is halfway done printing right now.

Poocarina! Poop emoji-style ocarina
by 3E8

Can't load it yet.

Even though the 2nd prototype didn't work too well, I made just another tweak and am publishing it. Let me know what you think!

It's... frightening... 0_o

That paint job...

Why did you decide to go 2D btw?

I started with a 3D 'chocolate swirl' but Onshape's helix tool just wasn't cooperating. I think 2D delivers though... :)

Can we get a play video? lol

Just for hey-heys, I posted a vid. Have a merry Xmas!