Colt M1911A1 Pistol Blueprints

by jballard, published

Colt M1911A1 Pistol Blueprints by jballard Sep 24, 2011



Public Domain
Colt M1911A1 Pistol Blueprints by jballard is licensed under the Public Domain license.

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Do as you wish with these drawings

included are two versions of detailed drawings for the colt 1911

These drawings are freely available on the net.

As far as I know these drawings are released government files from the 40s.

BTW Make/use at your own risk, know all laws before using or manufacturing, if you download the file you assume all liabilities for your actions.


Guns dont kill people,
People dont kill people,
Bullets dont kill people,
Gaping holes in vital organs kill people. (the skin is a vital organ.)



do as you wish within applicable laws and regulations

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is not about guns only you can make it in plastique or alloy ,the thing is about accomplishing making your own gun ,i know it goal (not a black powder gun) ,but those blueprints mixing with American guns show .........makes you dream.

One of the finest pistols made and still is . Thank you for the prints.

I agree with both jballard and everyone else that has a problem with this. On one hand this could be used a a great safe prop for educating people about guns or as a prop in an independant movie. I also believe that this could be used for creting weapons at home that are not liscensed and can be used to harm others and just be melted away. In the end it all boils down to the PEOPLE!! Knowlege is free, liberating, and incredibly dangerous in the hands of stupid people

I've seen these blueprints around before, but was always disappointed that many of the dimensions are illegible (and I've heard there are also some errors in the prints). I recommend instead that you use Rio Benson's superb redrawn blueprint set: http://riobenson.com/m1911-a1%20redux.pdfhttp://riobenson.com/m1911-a1%...

wow now those are some beautiful prints, Thanks for the Post!

I bet the same people disparaging this applauded Julian Assange of wiki leaks.

I am going to use this to make a replica to teach people that don
’t want to use guns how to safely handle them if need arises. So thank you.

glad I could be of help, also Down with wiki leaks!

I wish there was a 'dislike' button... :'(

I wish there was too, so i could dislike you.

but I can tell you where the back button is: in most browsers it is un the upper left hand corner, typically right below the menu, good luck finding it, sometimes it is tough since you get sucked into things that you dont understand. Goodluck!

That's fine, you can dislike me. I wasn't going to dislike you, but the thing you posted. I can get into all sorts of reasons why (for example, I'm Norwegian and there have been some events here lately), but based on your response it doesn't seem you'd like to debate it. I wish you were able to read though.

  1. Please only upload designs you've created or participated closely in creating.
  2. Please don't upload weapons. The world has plenty of weapons already.

Both of which you are in violation of. You might think that it's ok since it's not in the terms of the service, but you are still in violation
of two clearly stated upload rules. It doesn't need clarification. The rules are there and you ignored them...

On a last note, I guess we can say that the 3D community has lost its innocence. The community is growing up and we're not one big happy family any more. Some people will be making things
others don't like. At some point, someone will probably get killed with one of those things (or when we find out ABS fumes kill you). That's inevitable. But I don't dislike you. I respect you for your opinions.

there are many things on here that the uploader didnt design, such as the VW regulator clip yesterday, yes he drew it up in cad, but also a VW employee did that originally id say at least a fifth to a quarter of things were not created by the uploader. the original authors have been given credit on their drawings, in their handwriting.

A guy up loaded a trebuchet yesterday as well, that is a weapon, it has also been used as a biological weapon in the past when armies would fling dead bodies to spread disease.

It has already been stated that they would "rather us not" upload weapons but they are not going to remove them.

Im wo
rking on using these plans here to make a fire able printed version of this firearm with a sleeved barrel, springs, and a few other small parts being the only plastic.

I appreciate your concern, but thingiverse is a website used across the world, some places it may be illegal to make a firearm or o
wn one, others have no law against it, that is why thingiverse for now allows it just not explicitly.

im glad you, i hope you hate my other things just as much.

Thank you for the useful comment, it has only inspired me to post more items of this caliber.

truthfully I only decided to post the 3 that i have posted after seeing your ridiculous thumbnail beside your name.

Have a good day, you only have yourself to thank for these posts.

I'm glad you find my opinion of weapons to be ridiculous. You must be right because we obviously don't have a problem in the US regarding gun violence. All is good. We obviously need more guns.

Im glad you agree, we do need more guns, we need more people who have a concealed carry license.

we also have a problem with people drinking and driving, should we also take away driving rights from the people. Also if you take my guns if I wished I could always stab someone with a pen.

Finally Violent crimes have gone down in the past 20 years here in the US while gun ownership increases b
y almost 4million guns per year, im not saying they are related only that crime is down and guns are up.

I prefer to shoot the guy that breaks into my house who trys to rape my gf/wife, you prefer to watch it happen and rely on the police, good luck with that.

Actually I have a alarm system a dog and I've taken self defense courses. I can take care of myself and my family but thanks for making assumptions about me. Based off of what you have written here you obviously need help. Another reason for us all to feel safe. Loons with guns. What could go wrong?

People like you are the problem and you are now trying to ruin this little corner of the world just like you have the rest of our country. I used to come here as an occasional escape from ahole like you and the problems you cause. I guess I can write this place off now too.

Later man, just do the world a favor and stop infringing on others rights. I will protect the united states constitution and bill of rights with deadly force if needed.

Hey moron. This place is privately owned. It has nothing to do with rights or the constitution. The owners can legally create and enforce any policy they want.

Which is why they are allowing this thing, "moron"

Of course they are you twit. That doesn't mean that users can't question their policies and also question other users use of the website.

I'm done with you, but in your honor I will upload a new thing dedicated to you.

Very handy for prop-making, but please consider marking this thing a "work in progress" until you have CAD files to share.

no im perfectly fine with what i have supplied, there is plenty of info to manufacture the m1911a1. so a work in progress would not be correct, especially since I have one and so do millions of other people.

I take it someone else added the "cad" tag then. Fair enough.

how so?

sharing knowledge is childish, maybe we should go back to a time where knowledge can not be shared.

If you do not care for or like the information supplied hit the back button.

What tools are required to make this object? How can I use this as a negative space object? How do I get from bits to atoms? As it stands now, I don't think this thing is of any use to anyone.

maybe for you, as it stands it is a complete file that includes all dimensions to manufacture an m1911a1.

So if someone wanted to manufacture this firearm it would be of great use to them.

I think this is the M1911A1, rather than the M1911, given the relief cut behind the trigger opening?

you are correct it is title as that in many of the drawings, I will correct it

No worries, there are few differences other than that. But your attention to detail and willingness to adjust, are noteworthy.

Is Thingiverse really the place for this? I mean, Thingiverse is for digital designs and a scan of a sketchy blueprint isn't much of a digital design. CAD files, either in editable or at least stls would be better. Also, assembly instructions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Since im bored I uploaded a complete manual

Thanks for the manual!

And yes, a pdf is digital, but it can't really be fed into any CAM system or design tool in order to make the thing, which is kinda the point of this site.

Oh, by "sketchy" I meant nothing about the design of this thing. Having used one, I must admire the design work that went into it. I simply
meant that the scan itself is poor quality, with several pages having faded lines, difficult to read measurements, etc. It's kinda sketchy compared to a nice CAD file of some sort.

Anyway, what I am saying is, "Thanks for the design, but could you make it easier to work with?"


If i get time i will convert it to a 3D file in Inventor, but I could probably just find one already completed.

when it was scanned it became digital, and if you are able to download iti is definitely digital.

Sketchy, as an American I do not find a blueprint one of the finest pistols ever designed to be sketchy.

Cad not included sorry, maybe later.

STLs are a horrible format for everything but printing.

Assembly instructions are not needed, they are all over the net, just google "1911 assembly"

If you'd like to turn the sketchy blueprint into a 3D model, by all means, feel free. I don't complain when objects are posted in a format that my particular choice of tools don't read, and I find it puzzling when others complain about that.

Begone, cowardly nameless troll.

See, this is why cowardly trolls shouldn't be allowed to pollute the conversations where grown-ups are talking. If you don't have the courage to state your opinions while attaching them to your own name, your opinions are worth less than nothing. Begone, cowardly troll.

Troll, Troll, go away. Don't come back some other day. Please don't feed the Trolls, this is old news.

Americans and their tiny tiny... er guns?

I can post some German ones, btw this is one of the best pistols ever manufactured and has been in production for over 100 years

Thank you for saving my many hours in finding this drawing. Please, don't be bothered by the noisemaker who will, inevitably, respond to my post, criticizing your object. He's just a gnat in the grand scheme of things.

Blueprint wise I have:

AK47, Browning M2, various derringer plans, Mac 11, Liberator, m-14, m-16, m203, Maadi Griffin 50 cal, various SMG frames, PPSH41 SMG, Remington 700, Ruger 10-22, Ruger MK1, sig p228, thompson 1928, M1A1, UZI, and some more if I really search

I'd love to see those drawings also. I have a 1927A1 Thompson, it's an amazing work of art. I very much enjoy letting friends who come out to my house shoot it. Everyone wants to, because, let's be honest, it's a Tommygun. Who other than our hopolophobic nemesis wouldnt' want to. As a person with an engineering background, I can't help but admire it for its ingenious design, yet with its simplicity. I'm sure others feel the same way about your other possible posts. And, like I say, that one noisemaker will surely pollute your posts with his hater spam, but, we all understand what drives that fear. Please don't be deterred by his noise and, thank you.