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M-16 Reciever Blueprints

by jballard, published

M-16 Reciever Blueprints by jballard Sep 25, 2011



Public Domain
M-16 Reciever Blueprints by jballard is licensed under the Public Domain license.

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BTW Make/use at your own risk, know all laws before using or manufacturing,
These files are from the 70s

if you download the file you assume all liabilities for your actions.


Guns dont kill people,
People dont kill people,
Bullets dont kill people,
Gaping holes in vital organs kill people. (the skin is a vital organ.)



do as you wish within all applicable laws and regulations.

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Lmao. Thank you. Finally someone that believes people to can make decisions for themselves.

Not when that person has a 3d printed AR-15. Lol

just for all those who think it would be illegal to build you own im pretty sure you are wrong if i can go buy a 80% receiver and complete it my self with out ANY FFL or SERIAL numbers than what would be the difference in build in it from scratch and as stated in others comments the receiver dosent take much force when firing... there have been a few successful lowers made from plastic and wood.

I down loaded a file like this from a gunsmithing site, it's an ideal starting point for my iphone pistol grip. All of the cool attachments you can get for scopes and stocks will make my iphone into an easy to handle video camera without buying a new video camera. I'm going to print it in a color other than black, so i don't get shot by the police while bird watching. lol I think because this is not cast out of one peice of high grade plastic it would be foolist to build a gun around it, a 222 shell would over power something like this. I'm sure you wouldn't be charged for printing this as it is unlikely it will ever be a completed gun. Would they charge you if you milled this out of a block of maple? I'd like to see that hold up in a court. I'll be drawing the clip shut in my file when the time comes, I'm still waiting for a second exstruder for support material.

You can have a lot of gaping holes in your skin, no problem. It's the hemorrhage that gets you.

still it is the body that is killing itself, just cant cope... :P

I don't get it... why would anyone want to kill somebody? ;) Heh heh. Interesting prints, jballard.

no one wants to, but if i had to it could be done with a fork

When will the people that run this site do thing about this kind of crap? This is wrong!!!!

you didnt have to click on the link, you decided to, you could not resist.

I corrected your statement
"When will the people that run this site make it so guests cant make posts? they are cowards!!!!"

your welcome, sign on next time and I might take your comment as an opinion which you are entitled to, but as it stands now you are not entitled to it as it seams you are a
coward. good day

OK db I have an account and I still hate what you're doing here. I assume you love guns so much because you can't defend yourself without them.

@ "i_hate_weapons"

I don't know about you, but I love guns because they put a 90lb woman on an equal playing field with a 200lb rapist. Among other reasons. There are lots of situations where lots of people wouldn't be able to defend themselves without guns, but I guess you think they should all just be victims.

I'm not sure about ANY of you people. I'm a Marine who has used this very weapon, and excelled with it up to 800 meters
amp; consistantly. I was also an anti-tank assaultman (Dragon wire-guided rocket, AT-4, etc.)
amp; demolitions expert (TNT, C-3, C-4, shaped charges, Det-cord, Claymore mines, etc, etc.), and served as a 60mm mortarman gunner for several months. You name it, I've fired it. I love the M-16A2 and would love to have one of my own. I don't want the full-auto A1 version
amp; don't really even need the 3-round-burst of the A2. I'd just like to have an AR-15, to be honest. But I want it in .308 cal (7.62 mm NATO) just so I know my ammo is always available
amp; I know the trajectory of the thing. True military M-16s are .223 cal... 5.56 mm NATO, but I was trained as a sniper
amp; learned the 7.62mm NATO round very well.

Weilding a weapon DOES NOT mean a man is not capable of taking out an enemy with his bare hands. Those who think so have never been in real combat. But I'd much rather take out an enemy at 800+ yards than to stare into his eyes as he breathes his last breath. That is what haunts a person for th
e rest of his life.

Argue whatever you want, people. Build this thing if you want to. It's a great platform. (Not sure about these prints, because I didn't have a micrometer in the Marines
amp; really didn't want to push the limits while I was in. Several people I knew were sent to Leavenworth for trying to sneak M-16 parts
amp; C-4 plastic explosives out of the base. I didn't want to go down that road. I still don't.

Guest, no need or want to personally threaten you, I believe its /. that calls guests "Anonymous Cowards" and im just using it here. So by not signing into an account you say at least one of these things about yourself:

  1. you have no account, in which case you are lazy or a coward.

  2. you have an account, and you are lazy or a coward by not signing into it.

  3. You dont know how to create an account. Just look for the log in button, click that, then somewhere it will say create an account, its easy I did it 2 years ago. this falls under no education.

I love guns so much because other people have them, and in most cases the guy with the bigger stick wins. And BTW being able to use self defense is just as deadly and weapon like as a firearm, it just doesnt go bang. I like things that go bang.

But I carry a knife personally, a big knife.

Why am I a coward? If you know my username what will you do with that info? Do you plan on hunting me down and physically threatening me?

Okay the other "Gun items" are fine but this is taking it a little to far. An M16 receiver is able to accept full auto parts and there for is considered by the US government as a "machine gun". Printing this out without the proper FFL can get you serious jail time, and your rights to own guns taken away.

It's a free world, Mr. Guest. Jballard isn't forcing anyone to build this lower receiver. You're right, it's illegal to build one... but you can find plans to build them ALL OVER the internet. You can also find recipes for meth
amp; every other conceivable way to wreck your life.

Free will, my friend Mr. Guest.

You're preaching to the choir, I think. We're all very well aware of the consequenses of our actions. No need for some left-wing anti-weapons activist to remind us of that. We'll be just fine, I promise you that.

Go watch some more Oprah, please.

im not going to print it.

but an AR-15 can also be made full auto.

And you may be right, but some people on here may legally be able to make this aswell, or they could use it as a prop. Or they may even learn from the design of this firearm and be able to use what they learn else where.

The item could easily be printed
without any cavities if wished.

for the same reason im debating uploading the M203 40mm grenade launcher prints, we will see what I decide.

LOL, post the M-203 please! I'd love to see the responses that gets! Ha ha! Ya gotta laugh at some of these responses, don't ya? Entertaining at least.

An AR-15 cannot be made full auto without major modification (which is illegal without the proper FFL).

By default the AR-15 cannot accept full auto parts which classifies it as a sporting rifle as opposed to a machine gun. A 40mm grenade launcher would be cool as it is purely impractical and would be a good replica. However with a plastic receiver, smaller cartridges could be used. A full auto .22
rifle could be very possible with this receiver. True, you'd need other components (Auto Sear, safety selector, full auto hammer) but this would be a major component and pushes into the sector of practical illegal products.

BTW I am a gun enthusiast and like the other gun things on thingiverse such
as the AR-15 magazine and receivers. However this enters the territory of illegal models and is in a separate class.

I could very well post blueprints for anyone to "print" an ABS silencer that would work for just about any caliber weapon you wanted one for. If I did so, does that make me a bad person? Ummm... perhaps. Why would I post it if I didn't intend for someone to use the idea?

Interesting thought... why would anyone post the plans for an AR-15 or an M-16 lower receiver if he/she didn't want someone to use the idea?

Let's just think about that. Hmmmm. Perhaps someone needs the external dimensions
amp; contour information for an AR-15 or M-15 lower receiver in order to design/fabricate an external device mount? Or perhaps they need some internal dimensions in order to design/fabricate a better magazine or safety device? Perhaps they're building an ABS version of the weapon and need it to be a docile but perfectly recreated replica for photo/television/film purposes?

Manufacturing your own M-16 or AR-15 lower reciever is not a task that the average Joe can perform within neccessary tolerances. It would take some experience with metalworking... high proficiency with a metal lathe and milling machine... not to mention experience with reading blueprints
amp; understanding dimensions
amp; tolerances. I guarantee 9 out of 10 people who look at these plans couldn't make heads or tails out of it, or know how to put it together, or know what to do with it if they DID successfully build the damned thing.

Some photos and/or progress reports from those who have tried would be entertaining, at the very least. But I wouldn't expect any photos or stories. At least not from registered members. :) (Why? Hmmmm... go figure. BTAF for one.) ;)