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RocketEd Model Rocket Family

by RocketEdLLC Dec 12, 2015
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Hi, love the designs. Do you have any tips on printing so that the joints fit together better? When I print, there doesn't seem to be enough tolerance to allow for the threaded sections to twist together. I've printed the engine lock ring at 97% and it worked better, but all my joints are too tight. Thanks again for the models.

Hey Nate--

There can be many reasons for the threads to fail. The most common ones we've seen are over-extrusion or slop stackups that result in elliptical threads.

You can check for both issues using our calibration cylinder and its associated instructions to dial in your prints. Let us know if you have any questions or further issues!


20mm Calibration Cylinder

is there anything i need to take care about the starting rod if i use the the twisted fins? i somehow can't imagine, how that works... do you take a quite short rod for this?

Ours work just fine with the standard rod! For the sake of a stable, reliable launch, we recommend keeping the standard length rod...

The rocket takes some distance to accelerate, so it doesn't seem to really spin up until it's left the rod.

I used TinkerCAD to increase the width of the guide tube and then it sliced fine in Cura. Gonna print one now and ordering A6-4 motor, kevlar and elastic, streamer and parachute in parallel! Can't wait for my vacation in 2 weeks :D

Glad to hear it! We recommend A8-3 motors. The rockets will fit up to C6-7 (but you may lose it with that much power...).

First part (twisted fin) is done. I've got a timelapse here:

The fixed part for slicing in Cura can be found here:

Awesome, thanks for sharing!

We look forward to the video of you flying!

how do you make it lanch!

lots of great guides all over the net! You will need motors, launch pad, and launch controller.


Maybe I missed where you mention this but what material are you printing these in? I've been considering printing rocket parts and was worried about the heat from the motor causing problems around the fin can and motor mounts.

We have printed them out of ABS and PLA and found both to work. ABS perhaps works slightly better. The heat from the ejection charge is perhaps the most significant heat source.

Yes, that's the most direct flame the plastic will encounter for sure. Thanks for the response!

When slicing this in Simplify3D and in Cura, the launch rod guide tube disappears. The smallest nozzle I have is a .3mm, and when slicing for that, it still doesn't show the complete guide tube in the .gcode file/preview. Any thoughts on how to get this to print? I want to shoot a rocket!!

I just found out this setting. In Simplify3D set 'Extrusion Width' to Manual and try a setting near .30mm - when I did the launch lugs show up in the slicer, I don't know how well they print yet.

That said - RocketEdLLC, you might consider just making all the launch lugs as thick as the one on the Prop_tube.stl - that one slices correctly in Simplify3D.

Hmmm... we're not familiar with Simplify3D and Cura. We slice in MakerWare and it prints without a problem w/ 0.4mm nozzles. Could it be an issue with perimeters/walls?

We've also seen straws glued onto the side work very well as "guide tubes" (launch lugs) if all else fails!

Being only a month into this, there is a lot I still have to learn - that said I see what DeshawnSmith does, however I noticed the tube fin does produce the intended result. The wall for tube fin can lug was slightly larger (roughly 1mm thicker) So I increased the thickness of the 'flip' fin can's launch lug and it showed up in the slicer.

I'm sure there must be a setting in Simplify3D to get around this but I've not found it yet. I'll try to find out what the setting is that needs to be changed but making the lugs a little thicker does resolve the problem with Simplify3D

In the newest version of S3D that was just released today, there is a setting for think wall behavior ("Allow single extrusion walls") that seems to fix this. I'll print it and find out. :D

Yes, this looks to work! Thanks for the tip.

Made one using PETG and it comes out smooth! Can't wait to fly it!

Fancy! We've never made one out of PETG before. Let us know how it goes!

I just made one and currently printing out a few more. These worked great and reached a real nice distance with an Estes B6-4 engine. Curious to see how the different fin designs affect flight.

We won't completely spoil the surprise, but don't be shocked if there's not a large difference between the "flipped" fins and the "regular" ones and for the tubular fins keep an eye on the uprange turn on ascent...

Awesome! Let us know how it goes and if you have any questions!