by langfordw Nov 2, 2009
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This is ideal for harvesting marijuana :D

Was this project ever completed and posted? I can't seen to find any other information on it

mmm dxf file has numerous redundant line........................

yay digital farming
just input the design with info on the plant, fertilizer,soil,water,light and other factors
and they will be regulated by the bot

until we can print food(star trek wise, I am looking real far in the future with this one)
this will be fantastic because we need to get food from something in the post monetary economy if nobody is working for money anymore

and conventional farming can take quite some time and effort that most people want to spent on something else.

Am i the only one who sees the drug growing capability of this? ha ha ha (just in case the ATF just walked in, im kidding.

nah, thats much too small for growing pot in...

we have to invent bonsaii weed plants

I did see Kelly's designs and the Bloombot is actually totally compatible with her seed pods. I meant to add that in the parts list.

Just got the makerbot today and am super excited to start doing some more interesting experiments with it.

cool! this is a perfect use for the 'thing as part' feature of the parts lister. :)

so rad! really miss ya, will!