Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!


by servone001 Dec 14, 2015
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Just printed one in PLA using CURA to slice it, scaling up by 25.4. Used a brim to prevent corners curling & supports. Came out looking great but Legos don't stick well. They are a little loose. I'm going to try printing with a few percentage increase in scaling but am worried about the screw holes moving too far apart so I did the below calculations rather than guessing.

I measured the bumps on a standard Lego brick to be 0.192" in diameter consistently. The bumps on my light switch plate measured between ~0.180 to ~0.184". Calling it 0.184 means 0.008" too small. An increase in XY scaling of about ~4.3% should take the 0.184 diameter bumps up to ~0.192". I'm going to try just 4%. I'm already scaling up by 25.4 so increasing that number by 4% makes 25.4 x 1.04 = 26.4. I will leave the Z scaling at 25.4 and using 26.4 for X&Y scaling. Will reply with my results.

Scaling X & Y up by 4% made the bumps the right size but moved them farther apart (duh). I didn't think of that being a problem but of course it is. I'm going to have to try something else. Has anybody else had the bumps come out too small? What did you do to fix it?

I absolutely love this thing. My kids also love it! Like TaylorSize said, you have to scale it to 2540%. I would love to see a 2 and 3 switch variation!

Worked great! Nice positive press fit with standard lego pieces.

Scaled to 2540%
Support touching buildplate at 10%
Cura default .2mm draft quality
Hatchbox black PLA
Prusa mk2s

its a cool idea though it was only half inch big for the first problem but the main issue is there is no platform heat so 5 failed attempts before 3% completion. 100c on platform and real life size mods recomended. i mean really no platform heat howd you think that would work.

loaded into cura, see nothing. shows as 3,0mmx4.8mmx.3mm and sliced gcode has nothing but pre and post gcode.

then the lightbulb came on! the plate should be 3 INCHES x 4.8 INCHES, so i resized in cura 2542.1% making the printed plate 2.965 inches x 4.875 inches. The two holes for attaching to the underlying switch match up within 0.1 which should be ok for mounting. i don't currently have access to any legos to see how the fitment is.

Spoiler alert... The Lego fitment isn't great. This was my first project and there is certainly room for improvement.

Hope it worked out OK for ya!

I can't get anything to print once I slice the STL...

I love this thing a lot http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:649284. But this seems like a simpler alternative.

Frankenstein Light Switch Plate
by LoboCNC

Thank you, overall good model.

Lulzbot mini (.5 default hot end)
Cheap "excelvan" PLA from eBay. Printed at 220 deg. and 70 deg bed.
Sliced with Cura - I manually dragged scale to 76.2mm.

Surprised to have 1 corner lift a little bit from the bed. I'm thinking it has to do with cheap PLA (and I haven't narrowed down print temp).
Used Cura supports and BLOWN AWAY by how nice and clean they snapped out. Just twisted a little bit and pried through switch hole and the entire thing came off cleanly.
I needed to sand down back of screw holes to avoid gap on wall.

Disappointed that pegs were a little too large. I could get a lego to stick, but very tight and kind of deformed the bottom of the Legos. Anyone else have this issue? How did you solve?

Great design! How well do the Lego dimples/bumps hold up over time with a lot of use? Is the snap very distinguishable from regular legos? Have you found any printer materials to be better than others for printing legos?

Warning when using Cura:

  1. This thing needs supports, so you gotta add it.
  2. However, the model doesn't lay flat on the bed. So if you add supports, it creates an initial layer of supports thats a few millimeteres high.

-> So if using Cura, you need to manually move the model lower so that it sits flat on the bed. I'm not sure why this model doesn't lay flat automatically.

Great model, my kids love it! Could you post the model file for the purpose of making custom versions (differently placed screw holes, etc.)? Thanks!

Great switch plate - worked right off the printer. Kids love it. They want about 100 of them now.

Thanks for the model.

Details: Printed in PLA on a Rostock Max v2 with E3D v6 hot end with .4mm nozzle. Support on. I used a raft. For those interested, you will need to scale up 25.4x to convert from inches to millimeter.

When I try to open this file in cura the light switch cover is the size of a dime?

Scale up 25.4x to convert from inches to millimeter.

Thanks, that helped me too!

Great design. Was a 2 light switch panel ever made?

Hey! I thing this was a great idea, i made two of them and put my minecraft legos up on them and my brother and sister put their legos up there. I think you should make 2 and 3 light switch ones so it could be more fascinating for people. Thanks for the effort, I really enjoy it. :)

I need one with 2 and 3 switches.

I made one from servone001 design.

Do you have it on here?

No have a default Brazil ? :(

just printed one and it turned out great! My son loves it and is sticking legos to it as I type this. Now I need a double gain one for the other room. Thanks for the great work

I am trying to print this in ABS and I'm getting major warping. Anyone successful with ABS?

Do you have a heated bed? ABS has to have one or else it will warp like crazy.

What Hippo12 said, plus use a raft.

The magic number for Cura is 25.4 scale.

it would be awesome to integrate this into the customizer and auto generate any size with the lego mounts on it

When I load this in Cura, it's extremely small. What am I doing wrong? Should I just rescale to 72x114mm?

To answer my own question.... yes.

Any plans for 2-3 switch covers?

Yes! Planning on rendering a double face soon. Stay tuned.

Can't wait for the 2 and 3 switch covers!

sizing of holes were off by .10 inches

I'll tighten it up on V2.0. Thanks for feedback.

I have the stupid light switches that have the large rocker switch.

20a, nice. Big circuits :P

I tried this and it failed. It started to print the switch hole in space before it made the top. Is there a setting I am missing to create some kind of support structure? I am new to printing. I use Slic3r and a Kossel Mini.

Hey, sorry for the delayed reply. I am rather new to printing too, so I don't know how much help I can be. I printed most of mine on an XYZ and a Stratasys uPrint. The uPrint prints support material, so I added a raft and support. That makes a big difference. That said, on the XYZ... it just printed with no support or raft and it came out OK. Make sure you have it oriented correctly, or maybe try a different orientation. Maybe try printing it face down??? Sorry I can't be more help. Good Luck!

hi, if i understood correctly, you used the software that came with your printer? And what do you mean when you say on the x,y,z it printed without support. I am new and don't know how to add supports yet, I am only using Cura software so if anyone can help... thanks

Hi there. Being that these points are close together and from retraction I have tons of hairs on this part. Any suggestion how you got it soo nice and clean?

change your retraction settings. or print slower. lots of ways to solve this

It's already printing slow and retraction is set to 2mm

im printing now ill let ya know

It's an 8 hour print.

im at 90%... so far no strings but we will see... what color are you using? some colors are too viscous, so turn down printhead temp down 5degrees i find that will stop it

I used glow in the dark PLA required temp 225-230

required isnt always required if ur getting strings it obvious its too hot my print just finished abs black no strings

Yeah but not every printer is the same! I don't have a high quality one like yours.

Gang... It was indeed saved/uploaded in inches. If it makes your set up any easier, the final specs are:

3.0 X 4.79 INCHES.

I think on some occasions I had to re-size it in the slicing software before printing. Sorry about the confusion.

Scale is really small. Have to blow it up huge.

It was probably uploaded in inches, and most 3d-printer software defaults to mm.

Scale by 25.4x to convert.

To break it down further, if doing by %, uniform scale to 2540% (original is 100%) that would make it, 76.2 mm by 121.666 mm.

need one for aussie switches the square button and bolt patterns

Any luck finding one? Aussie here too and would love these for my kids' room.

Genius - now I need it for other countries sizes and drill holes