Parametric AA Battery Box With Contacts

by jetty Dec 13, 2015
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I have different sized contacts - 20 x 12mm - but otherwise they are similar. What variables do I have to change to get these to fit? I tried changing some of the contact_ variables but I couldnt see a difference and my computer is rendering OpenSCAD very slowly.

Nice design. Thanks!
It was easy to adapt it to contacts with slightly different dimensions, thanks to your excellent openscad code.

Hi Jetty,

I like your design, but I want to make one for 3 batteries, so I got the scad file but now i get an error at the line that ends in a questionmark:

module all()
rotate( [0, 0, 90] )
lugsTranslateY = ( mounting_lugs == "topbottom" ) ?
(-( (mounting_lug_screw_diameter mountingLugScaling mountingLugScaling) 2 +
mountingLugScaling) * 2))
: 0;
Can you help?

It will work in customizer on thingiverse for 3 cells without requiring openscad.. But if you still want to use openscad anyway, then what version are you using? It looks like it's not recognizing the inline IF statement (the ?) which suggests it's either an openscad version/feature issue, or the source file was corrupted by whatever method you downloaded it with. I used a fairly recent version of openscad when I wrote it.

Hi jetty,

Thanks for the quick reply, I've downloaded it from the customizer now.
FYI I have OpenSCAD 2014.01.29 on Linux Mint 17.3
could well be that is the problem, I saw all the versions in the repositories are all a bit older.

Thanks again, Ill let you know when I have printed it.

Please upload the top and bottom separate because it will not fit on my print bed.

You can probably find what you need in one of the 'Remixes', but if you open the .scad file in OpenSCAD, you can change the 'part' parameter to get what you need. The options are listed in the comments.

I did. The concerns with those types of designs are connection reliability. Bolts, screws, foil and wrapped wire for contacts just aren't that reliable in practice, batteries fall out or connections are interrupted.

The best design I've seen prior is this one: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:331394 but the contacts are expensive and structurally, the box can separate in the center unless you have it at low tension, in which case the batteries fall out. There's a reason commercial battery boxes use a spring and contact type design, the spring provides some shock absorption, and keeps the battery under tension against the contacts, the design works.

It might be just cheaper to buy a battery box than make one, however it's convenient to keep a stack off contacts on hand and make a battery box of any size immediately without having to wait.

Battery box for AA cells
by flummer

Thanks! I don't know why I hadn't thought to check DigiKey for contacts -- I've been a DigiKey customer for more than 40 years, and have always been satisfied with their service.