Leaning Tower of Printrbot

by Elkniwt Jul 17, 2013
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I have a problem with my SImple in that the Z axis is not quite perpendicular with the x/y. Everything I print slightly leans to the right if looking strait on to the printer.
Do you think that your script could be used to Path this problem?

It would be amazing if you could help me with this, cause if I cant come up with some sort of workaround, this thing is flea market trash soon.


There can be some X-axis slippage that is caused by something else entirely. Check out towards the bottom of this thread:


I solved my slippage issues using a simple spring.

That solution is for when the slant is caused by actual slippage of the fishing line on the X-motor shaft. If, instead, you know that the issue is caused by the Z axis actually being crooked, the script could help (note that it is far more likely a slippage issue than it is a Z-axis problem, but in the end you will have to be the judge).

To correct for a Z axis tilt toward positive X, look for the lines in the script that say:

    my $newY = $y - $z * $TAN;
    $line = "v $x $newY $z\n";

And add/change them to this:

    my $newY = $y - $z * $TAN;

my $newX = $x - $z * $TANX;
$line = "v $newX $newY $z\n"; # note change, here

Also, at the top of the script, add something like:

my $TANX = 0.01;

and then calibrate as needed.