Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Mark II

by PabloFerroDesign Sep 27, 2011
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Printing this now! The pins were little big but i just heated the whole with a lighter and pushed them thru

Anything less than 82% and the fingers won't print when using a 0.4mm nozzle (0.1mm layer height). I use Simplify3D scaled to 50% and combined the hand parts into one model so fingers are not pose-able but I still have a 50% scale version.

Hi! I'm printing out this model but I see the polygons are visible in the printed parts. Is there a way for you to load an Hi poly version?

Looks pretty cool! Definitely going to try to print this off!

Are the leg and arm joints supposed to have a flat spot? Seems like they should just have a ball at each end.

Such a cool robot! I have had a bit of trouble with the joints but I have it working now.

It's very cute robot but very hard to assemble it. Missing part, Wrong pin size (I'm resize all pin 90% to fit it in).

Are there instructions on how to assemble this?

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How does the assemble? I have trouble fitting the pins.

i think everyone gets that issue.
i found 2 ways to fix this. either shave a couple mm off the top and sides. just remember to keep them the same length. the other way is to cut the pins in half, glue the parts together, then glue the pins into place.

This is really cool! How long does it take to make all the parts? :)

Has anyone remixed the feet pads? I am looking for an easy way to copu the original oval shape and remix the rest. So far Tinkercad has worked better than some other choices, but isn't ideal.

How much time does it take to finish the whole thing?

It took me two days to print. Then I had to clean out to holes for the pins to assemble it. So an hour or so to put it together.

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Hello everyone. I´m currently making an HD version of the Mark II.

Changes include:

-10x Polygons for High Definition 3d Printing.

-Better fingers.

-Dilated joints for sturdiness.

-No Pins. I´m changing the system for Nuts and Bolts.

Since I have no 3d printer and little Experience in STL format I need someone who can help me check the correctness of my file. (No geometry errors n´stuff). When it´s done I´ll post the new stl files here and post a link to the original 3ds max file.

Let it be clear. I am a Kopimist so you can copy, sell, make, give and pirate the Mark II in any way or shape you seem fit.

Is the updated HD version still something you are working on?

Hi Pablo,

Are you still working on the HD version of this? Your changes sound excellent, especially converting the pins to nuts and bolts. Thanks!

Ist the HD Version available? Or are there files I should check if they are printable? (Throw them in cura and look if it slices correct..)

I'd love to give the new version a whirl - contact me. I'm not a fan of the current pin design

Hint: I found the joints at least in my case to be just a tad loose. What I did was put a small wedge in the slots and heated them up with a heat gun just enough to expand them out a little then let cool. Perfect tight fit. Also, you'll probably have to drill the pin holes out, they are just a bit too small.

did you print the hands with rafts ?

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When I try to print the right hand it messes up and knocks it over when it gets to half way. It printed the left hand fine. Anyone else have this problem and/or knows the solution to it?

Better adhesion to the print bed. If you are using pla on painters type, wipe the tape down first with rubbing alcohol. It works wonders.

Under remixes I added some files you may find helpful. These are all the regular files needed to make the Mark II plus I broke up the plates and made files so you can print single parts as well as smaller groups that are easier to print on smaller printers. I have addressed the issue of the missing joint there also. It is labeled Mark II + single parts files. Hope this helps.

Hey, I noticed that you are one joint short on this model, it needs to have 5 and only currently has 4 of the regular for legs, arms and head to body, could you possibly add that one, or even better would be to add a file for each piece individually, that way someone could print everything larger if they chose to, one piece at a time.

How did you guys manage to print the fingers? did you scale it bigger?
Its unprintable at regular scale, the joints of the fingers are single walled

I just had slic3r do a 1mm brim and they all printed out perfectly.

Also, it seems the "better fingers" (haven't checked the originals yet) have some major overhang issues in the first few layers, the 2nd layer gets printed in mid air, shouldn't it all be sitting flat on the print bed?

With a brim and using Cura I got the fingers to print fine on my Printrbot, but I still used glue to keep them on so it wasn't perfect.

Can I know what's the recommended resolution to print this?
0.1mm or 0.2mm?
What's the fill density?

i printed at .2mm on a feedrate of 200 with pla and it came out great

can you make a stl file with the hand only? no finger

Use Netfabb basic to separate them.

You can import the file at TinkerCad . Then put al hole on top of the fingers. So there will be only the hand left.

What do you guys use to join the shells together? Are those printed parts? not clear, in some pics lit looks like it, in others it looks like screws.

There are pins to hold each part together but I had to drill out some of the holes to get the pins to even fit inside then I used superglue to keep the pieces together.

I had to scale my pins down 10% on all axis to fit.

Very Cool Pablo! If you ever get a chance to upload a high poly count version it would be awesome. Those surfaces could print very smooth instead of low res.

Just finished my Mark II for my nephew. Has anyone successfully printed the fingers with a 0.5mm nozzle? I ended up glueing mine on since I couldn't get them to print correctly.

Great job on this Pablo. Can we expect an encore? Maybe a friend for Mark II? :-P

Hi there!

Nice design ! May I put mark II pictures on my website !


Just completed printing the Mark II. It's freaking awesome. Couple of notes though the pins that hold the body parts together need a wider gap between the pins so they can compress to fit through the holes. I used my dremel to to widen the gaps.

Also you'll need one more joint pin than is on the plate to connect everything together. I'm going to post my stand alone pin stl as a derivative so others can print that too.

The plate that has the ball joints for the arms and legs needs one more ball pin for the neck. Unless I'm missing it somewhere else.

Love the design of your Mark II!!

I'm printing your model for the moment... I have redesigned the fingers as well, my Huxley didn't do well with the .2 parts. :) I'll be posting pictures later on when all parts are done.. Basically I print one tray / day (I don't have much time with my printer for the moment). Question: What part is used to connect the head to the body? Is it the same as the ones for the arms and legs? If that's the case one joint part are missing on the joints tray. :) I also recommend to shorten the pins by maybe 1mm... The parts "wiggle" a little now when they are snapped together.

Done printing... Changed some on the Joints, Pins and Fingers... I did it all in SketchUp. Let me know if you want the SketchUp files...

yes i would like to have your sketch up files. i miss the print of the hand in the full plate and i want to print it alone.

You can find the Full Model (including the fingers) in SketchUp format here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:25485http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Mark II - sNi Mod
by Snille

Dear Snille,

yes I would like to have SketchUp files for your robot, coz the one i already printed out needs alot of modifications in the body/pins/joints :s

Thank you in advance

Made one scaled down a little. Run on my Objet Connex 500 printer. Primed and painted with metalizer paint then buffed to a shine. Great design!

I have printed all the robot except the fingers of hand. Robot assembled! Look very great!

This is printed model. I print it with 0,5 scale of the original design in the download file. After printed, I have to make the holes that connect part a little bit larger. So to completely making the model and assembled it. It took about 5 hours

100% Awesome! I
´ll use this picture on another page. Is it ok?

Pictures pleeeeaaaase!!!!!! lol

printed out about 2/3 of the parts, running into significant problems with clearance.

you need to leave a ~0.25mm gap between most of the parts, otherwise they just won't fit together. i had to drill out the pin holes in the head to get the pins in, but the joint has no chance. i already snapped one joint in half just doing some test friction movement! (joints also need to be print
ed sideways imo)

the pins themselves are sort of workable, but the edge that sticks out (and grabs onto the inside of the object it's pinning to) might have to be a lot shorter, or rather the narrow section in the middle of the pin might need to be longer; otherwise the pin just won't compress enou
gh to insert properly.

hope you have time to adjust the pin design and all the tolerances... huge potential for an awesome printable + posable model here!!

Thanks chylld for the feedback :)

I did the following corrections:

1) Reduced the radius of the joints and the pins by ~.3 mm

2) Redesigned the joints with a little section so they could fit better. Made them sideways.

3) The outer edge of the pins was reduced but maintains the same angle. Hope this time works.

I really apprec
iate the help! Post some pics! PLz

I feel you on the dreaming of having a 3d printer, fortunately im getting one this weekend from someone selling his! I'm super excited and this is going to be one of my first prints! (soon as im done with the calibrations)

Thanks man. Remember to post it right on this page. ( soon as your done with the calibrations hehe.)

Keep it up!

I really like your bot, gonna print him up when I have some free time. Best of luck in the competition!! I'm guessing yours will be at least a finalist :)

just printed the hands at 0.4x scale :) snaps together pretty well!

(Rapman 3c, Orbi-PLA-90, Kisslicer Pro)

Hey chylld great print!

I was wondering if I can use that image and post it on another site.

of course, go ahead :)

printing the pins now... not sure if they'll work as the compression might snap the ends. might have to reprint sideways

Could you please give me some feedback on the pins?

I know those are really problematic and I want the design to be as polished as I can.

THX ;)

well without having tested them yet, i already have 3 points of feedback:

1) the slots need to extend into the shaft - otherwise the tabs won't bend in enough

2) the smaller ones need a slightly bigger bevel to ensure the first layers don't connect

3) needs to be printed sideways for strength and flexibility (i.e. slots run up-down)

´s done. I made the corrections you suggested on the pins. Hope they work now :P

looks good! will let you know how they print :)

Be sure to download the latest version. The one I uploaded 20 minutes ago had all normals inverted.

My bad.

I tweaked the fingers slightly to have workable tolerances. from hand to proximals was barely ok, but from proximal to distal the tolerance was actually negative!

Tweaked proximals and distals here, 0.2mm clearance.


Great! Just posted them on the part list :)

´ll correct and reupload the file as soon as i can!

Thank you!

Wow, I just sliced the hands and was debating whether to print because of the thumb overhang...there's a big jump that would need cleanup.

How'd did your hands print? Can you attach a pic?

I really like the ball joints but I have to ask if you left any clearance on the moving parts. I use 0.5mm clearance for moving parts and 0.25mm for snap together parts. :)

Oh yeah so scale them 0.393700787 and you will end up with a 6cm head.

Just rescaled the pieces. I think this time I got them right :P

The head looks correct to me. If you need a tool for re-sizing and re-orienting may I suggest using ReplicatorG. Its a program maintained by Makerbot for positioning and slicing models for their machines. http://replicat.org/http://replicat.org/

Thanks sublime.

I made this model in 3ds Max witch is not compatible with STL files so I have no way to edit, correct or resize them :(

Oh, He's cute.

Nice work.

Seriously cute! I just bought some black and white ABS so this is going on my to-print list. :)

Let me know how that goes...the model does not look very MakerBot friendly. I don't want to use support.

Printed out the chest pieces, looking good so far to me. I thought there were going to be some overhang problems, but not so bad really. Awesome design

That is great! Can I use those images and post them on anther page?