Klein Bottle / Mobius Vase

by ModelStation Sep 28, 2011
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I had this printed at my library, and everyone was most impressed with how it came out. Thank you for sharing!

This is an excellent model, my favorite Klein Bottle on Thingiverse! It prints easily without worrying about support material, and is very stylish.

@rhmorrison - maybe cause http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5217 is ugly with horrid proportions? You'll complain about a totally different klein bottle, but not the dozens of other duplicates out there? (spools, space shuttles, wrenches, skulls, etc...) They're all "duplicates" by your definition! You make it sound like he re-uploaded the other thing and thats totally not the case.

Klein Bottle
by kelsorj

It seems this "proportion" is not much different than 5217. If you had made it taller, etc. I think you'd have something very nice. And please round out the bottom to be smoother.

Please feel free to modify to your liking.

I'm not a 3D designer. I just like to print cool-looking things.

I love Klein bottles. I've printed out a few. I need to print this one out and add it to the collection. Very nicely implemented, thanks for sharing!

The first klein bottle from December 2010 (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5217 ) has a much better resolution.

What was the purpose of this duplicate?

Klein Bottle
by kelsorj

I have printed that Klein bottle very successfully. I would also argue the bottom is nicer than this iteration.

I suppose the difference is that I am biased against rafts. Nothing that I share requires a raft.

Can you print 5217 without a raft?

What has it got to do with rafts?

Yes, you need to use support, but not a raft.

Sorry, I meant to say support. In my defense, you do need to activate raft to use support.

BTW, this is not a duplicate. It was created from scratch. If necessary I can show you the two versions that preceded this one. I actually began working on it before seeing 5217. I continued to work on it after seeing 5217 because I felt that I could make one that did not require support, and 521
7 is a little too bulbous for my taste.

Did I answer your question sufficiently?

I don't think it would print as well without support, but I can eliminate the raft. I hate rafts, too. This was made before I knew how to print support without rafts.

Yes, it's nice that your prints without support.