Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Magneto Helmet: X-men First Class

by Landru Sep 29, 2011
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Looks awesome. I'd love to see a video of how you had the finish so smooth.

Great Model. Thanks!

Any chance you could upload the sections that you printed it in... Looks like it would suit most people.

I uploaded my sections here. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2194227/#files.

I have a 7 3/4 hat size so I had to scale it up to fit me.

My print cuts to Magneto Helmet: X-men First Class by Landru,
by tk4679

Any one here can tell me how can i fit the size of the Helmet to my head?

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can you make video on youtube ? how you put it together ? i don't know how to make it smooth PLA :(

Could someone upload the sliced file they used for this?

My Rostock Max could make this as a single print. But I cannot find a slicing program that is capable of cutting it without choking to death on it. :)

Cura successfully sliced it for me in about 10 seconds. Looks like it'll fit in my Max's build platform easily, but could probably use custom supports for the base and face holes, otherwise you'll double the print time (looks like a 36 hour print with all that support).

How much does the Fablicator cost? I can't find anything about the price on the page...


I just made an Iron Man Helmet and uploaded it this morning:


I used Blender to make the parts small enoug so they would fit on my huxley. What did you use to split up you helmet?

Also could you get a bit more specific on how you used you soldering iron to connect the pieces? Wouldnt the heat only affect the outside layers, or if you have long seams, wouldn
t it cool too fast? I thought of hot glue as a suitable way to connect the pieces! But heating the existing material is of course the better and cleaner way! Show it to me please!

Best wishes, and keep up the great work!

IronMan Helmet Lifesize Scale

I made the helmet in Solidworks. I sliced it into pieces directly from the source in a way they could all be printed with minimal support. It is a pain to remove PLA support material (and sand smooth the interface), so the required support should be minimal.

If you look carefully at the picture with the orange/clear helmet pieces, you can see some melty spots along the panel edges.

I literally used the tip of the iron to melt a couple spots along the edge together, and later dragged the soldering iron along the seam very similarly to how you would w
eld sheet metal. With the iron tip, I occasionally had to add a little filler PLA filament to remove some of the the gaps.

I would recommend sticking with PLA as much as possible and then bondo to smooth things out. Hot glue will not sand properly, and shouldn't be involved at all.

Thank you very much! The idea of using the soldering iron just the way you would meld metal is ingenious! I dont know why I hadnt the idea to just add a bit of pla as filler material! Very nice!

Maybe you could help me out in one last question: What was your way to allign the parts nicely? They all seem very accurate, and I think its hard to hold them in place, while at the same time solder them together?

Thanks for the great help! Maximfilms

I taped all the parts together really well except left a few short segments uncovered, so they could be welded enough to hold the whole thing together. Remove the tape and you can weld the rest. Lots of tape, inside and out.

This is very interesting, I've been using modeling glue, sand paper and countor glue (It's like bondo for plastic models) I'll give the soldering iron a try.

Really nice looks great

Oh my... I must make one of these. :)

Thank you for making and posting this to share.

Too big is always better than too small...

I would just add some breathable foam or cloth covered sponge strips to the inside of the helmet to make it a snug but comfortable fit.

Looks great!

I plan to use some pads from an old bicycle helmet to get the head spacing right.

The sizing is really something nobody will probably notice but me.

I'll try to get a final pic up with the emblem and purple accents with the rest of the costume after Halloween, but can't give too much away before I get to wear it :)

Man that is a good job on the helmet. Well done. I really couldn't believe it was printed, but there it is.

I hope you do an Ironman Helmet!!!!!!!


I NEED to print one of these out that's baby sized for my baby.

You won't stop your baby messing with your mind, even with one of these. :)