Curved Filament Clip

by sysadrift Dec 15, 2015
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Tested some. Only this worked for me. Best design. Recommended design.

wonderful elegant design. perfect for all my spools.

  • Lee

Great clip, prints easily and fast, holds filament well. I tried a few other designs but I like this one the best.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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I tried a lot of filament clips and this is by far the best one. The curved area along with the direction of the printed material makes it stick and hold in place.

Works so well and fits most spools.

This works so well I'm not sure why anyone would bother with anything else. Simple and effective.

These fit Xperland spools but do not work well with Hatchbox. They come off too easily because Hatchbox spools do not have the concentric ridges around the outside edges that Xperland spools do, and the spool sides are thicker.

How does it hold up if you leave it on while printing? The last couple of clips I printed tend to come loose when not in use and left on the spool. I just want to be sure it won't interfere with the feed if I don't remove it.

Seems to work a treat... prints up pretty fast too!

I tried some clips but this is by far the best clip!

Great design, many thanks. Works really well in petg.

These clips work the best out of the others that I've tried and/or modified. Thanks.

Works very fine and fits on every spool I have! Thank you for sharing!

Best 1.75mm clip I've found! I've tried all the others, even modified some, but this one works the best. Thank you!

Awesome! Feel free to post a make!

Seems great but only for 1.75mm filaments right ?

Will you do a 2.85mm or 3.0mm version ?

Correct, it is for 1.75mm filament, I'll update the description to say that. If I can find some samples of 2.85mm and 3mm filament I'll make versions for those sizes.

great !

without filament I guess you can scale the to 1.7142 (3/1.75) for 3.0mm and 1.6285 (2.85/1.75) for 2.85mm ?

I'll print and test if you want !

Sure, let me know how that goes. The part that clips onto the spool may be a little loose though.

Tried many sizes, 1.60 scale seems a good fit for both 2.85mm and 3.00mm. For more accuracy I'll go with 1.55 for 2.85mm and 1.65 with 3.00mm, but in my opinion, one size for both is enough with this design.

Many improvements over the others I have seen, very nice.