ID card holder

by fmalpartida Jul 19, 2013
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With scad it shows an error that would be reason it's not printing the text either in scad when file is opened. Might help if he included files for everything, and non windows files.

WARNING: Ignoring unknown module 'write'.

You could use the embedded font "Arial Black" but might need to re-write the module to declare it. It mentions to use write.scad but not sure yet that's part of writing the text. Still working on it.

Oh! And thanks for commenting!

@Kondition1 - there are several things that you can do:

  1. http://www.thingiverse.com/apps/customizer/run?thing_id=120177&code=791ea4b2b87a5da885887fc411d62504
    install the write plug-in openscad to allow to include text in your projects (use ).

Hey no problem, thanks for the quick response. Are you able to edit the text in the customizer app? When the object loads, its blank even though "CLONE WARS" is already in the text box. I change the text to customize what I want and nothing changes.

Love the badge holder though, just want to make it for a couple coworkers in bright green who keep losing their badge! haha

Is it just me or does that "blank edit" happen to anyone else? (for my own sanity lol)

I think it may be down to the customizer. Try edit the openscad.

Am i doing something wrong where I can't get the text to change in the customizer app on here? It always is blank. Much appreciated. Geat holder!

Do you think you could make one with a clip on the back and no writing? I go running a lot in shorts that don't have pockets and I need to be able to take my ID card with me.

Printed this when I acquired the sudden need to protect an ID card. Nice, snug fit. I'll see how long the PLA case holds up in my wallet; may want to see how well it does with Ninjaflex.

Thanks for printing it and hope you enjoy it. I've been using one printed in abs for a couple of months now. The pla version I left it in the car in summer and when I got to it it wasn't in good shape.

I tried to remove Clone Wars with OpenSCAD and typed in what I want it to say instead but it doesn't work. When I export it as .stl and open it in Cura it doesn't show my change. It says nothing. I open yours in Cura and it of Course says Clone Wars. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I typed my phrase where it says: myText= " " Sorry new to this. Any help would be appreciated.

Did you install the fonts in the same directory as the card holder file?

Ugh. Forgive me. I am a novice to 3D printing. I didn't think I needed to install any fonts. Yours seems to work fine that I thought I was just needing to replace the value for myText. Seems like I'll have to sign up for a class..... :-)

I appreciate your prompt response.

A real pleasure and thanks for using the card holder!