Articulated Codsworth from Fallout 4

by aaskedall Dec 15, 2015
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I tried printing this on the Anet A8. I raised the scale of the model to 125 on all parts using my Simplify 3D slicer. I found that the spacer between the main body and the middle part, that little piece that joins the two together, was a bit too long. Where the two parts should be close together, it was wobbly, at least as printed from these original files and scaled up a bit as mentioned. This is a FINE MODEL. I can not reproduce it with my limited skills in Fusion 360. The joints between the parts of the arms and the connecting parts for the eyes also needs work. I later bought a CR-10 mini. It prints very well for most things. The tolerances on the CR-10 mini are much tighter and more accurate, yet I can still not print this model correctly so that it all fits together. I have seen that a few have been successful and I am by no means an expert. I am probably doing something wrong. Just be careful printing this. I have tried 2.00 mm layers and 1.00 layers using a new 0.40 mm nozzle. I have been unsuccessful. A shame, it was to be a Christmas present for my Son. I do certainly want to give a shout out to @aaskedell for taking the time to design this model. Wonderful! I just wish I had the skill to reproduce it.

I succeded in printing this model without any kind of supports at 50% scaling, so all sizes will be half.
I only suggest to use 3 top and 3 bottom layers and use 10% infill for the main body while 15-20% for the remaining pieces.
Use 0.2 mm layer height and 2 perimeter/outline shells.
Use the fastest speed you can in order to get good bridges and avoid using support.
On my STOCK Anet A8 I'm using 55mm/s print speed with 80mm/s motion speed.
The joints are very strong and you won't have any problems at all with them.
Obviously I'm printing it in PLA.
As soon as I'll finish it I will post some photos.

Thanks for the advice!

I am printing this model righ now and I have to say that is really well done and prepared and easy to print even without support! Really, really good job, man :3 I hope you add another game-related or Fallout-related models ;)

Awesome model dude.
Don’t suppose you have the body as a single piece do you.
Want to print it in resin.

Sadly no, You could open it up in blender and attach the parts. Thanks for checking out the model.

What is the scale of this model? I would like to scale it up.

My favorite companion in fallout 4

If you guys need to slice the head use 3D Builder in your Windows 10. It has a slice function and allows you to slice vertical or horizontal. It also allows you to keep slicing. It's already in Your windows.

uh. a great model to print. thank you for this!
but why the model is so low res, like you have an in-game polygon budget? and also it is STL with geometry which doesnt allow dividing properly.

Did you upload a new head? it look bigger than the old one. Is the connections with legs and thruster are still the same size?

I have been printing this at school as a test that the previous printer user gave me, but I am now seeing why it seems he never printed it. The head says that it will take over 12 hours and my tech teacher only lets us use it during school hours. Is there any model of the head piece that has been cut in two? I already have most of the parts printed, and it would be a shame to waste it because I would need to do a different scale.

you could do a plane cut in meshmixer

Just about to print this. Super cool.

Just printed this! Only problem was the thruster to body joint sockets not printing completely due to the bottom of them not adhering so well to the print bed. I created a fix for this by drilling out the socket and creating a screw-in socket, thus preventing need to reprint those parts. I will post my socket fix soon.

Heh, I feel stupid, but I would really like some build instructions for putting the printed pieces together..

Feeling even more stupid. The thruster and body are meant to move freely, not fit flush, and you have to print 3 leg assemblies, 3 eye arms and 3 eyes. Coming along nicely though. Full size .15 print on Ultimaker Silver Metallic. This is going to look great!

Just printed this guy out of nylon using the EOS P395 I have at work, Looks awesome. (the head is really heavy because I cant change the infill with a powder bed fusion system so the whole thing is solid) Looks awesome. Some of the joints are a bit loose and dont stay in position but this is most likely due to the weight of mine due to the system it was made on.
Great job

Awesome! yeah it was designed with a lighter plastic in mind. I'd love to see it if you wouldn't mind posting a make on here.
Thanks so much :)

Yeah for sure, I actually just used some software we have in the lab to hollow the head and add some holes in the bottom so that I can get the un-sintered powder out and I' gonna reprint him tonight. Im also gonna print one about half the size to see how the scaling works on your joints, Ill post some pics of all of them once their done.

Hi, what size/scale is this model at?

Great files, I would love to print one but I only have a M3D Micro printer, and the files are a tad big.

Looks like you will have to scale it down! Does your software have a function? Find the largest file, scale it down to the maximum allowable size, take note of scaling, and apply it to all your prints.

In all honesty, this model was the thing that pushed me over the edge into actually buying a 3D printer. I love Fallout and Codsworth in particular, and as far as I know there aren't any Mr. Handy models or toys out there. And when I found out about all of the other models from games that are available, I couldn't resist any longer.

I did have one problem with the connector between the main body and the thruster breaking off during assembly. I just ended up gluing them together. Anyway, thanks a lot for the model. He is quite impressive looking. I'm uploading a remixed saw attachment that has detail on both sides, although I'm still new to modeling so I'm sure it could be better.

This is so awesome. Glad I could push you to it! Wait until you start getting some modeling chops, you'll be hooked. I hope you bought a MakerBot but I am a bit biased :)

Happy Printing!

Banana for scale :) Nice work.

This is a fantastic model! I have mine drying from being painted now.
Is there any chance for a remodeled saw blade that either spins, or has the detail on both sides?
Thanks for making this!

Fiiiiiiiiine, yes I do want to do that when I get some free time.

if you want to give it a shot go for it as well.

Thank You! Sadly, my modeling Fu is weak....

FANTASTIC MODEL! ! ! Just finished mine and it was a breeze to make. This model is crafted perfectly. Great details and a very clever way of articulation. aaskedall, thanks for the time you put into this. All of us FALLOUT 4 players appreciate it.

Thank you so much :) Your made one looks great. Print all the things!

I printed an older version and it was missing the ball between the two body halfs. As its als a likely to fail part it would be nice if it was a separate file.

Good point, and I have added it to the thing files. happy printing.

I'm printing it now, got all the legs done and almost all of the body. First tried the body with only 3% infill but there are some odd planes inside the sphere and they hang in space and get caught on the extruder. Printing now with 8% and it's good, it was a little dodgy with those planes still, but i just pushed down the bits that were trying to stick up and get caught. I wouldn't recommend anything under 8%. The joints snap together perfectly and the movement is excellent! I love this thing!!

Omg, thank you. I tried and failed printing the body 4 times now. Each time my extruder clogged and stopped extruding at the very same layer.

I was messing with everything. Recalibrated my printer, took the feeder apart, tried other temperatures, asked reddit, bought more expensive filament and was about to buy a new extruder...

Printed it with an excessive amount of infill (15%) this time and everything went jim dandy.

Printing a full sized one right now. I did 30% infill as this printer gets picky on building on sparse infill sometimes.

Body, eye arms and one and a half eyes so far.

Good looking model. Nicely done.

Did you notice this got attention on Nerdist, but printed by someone else?


That was awesome, but I think designing something vs printing some isn't totally understood...

Yeah, they're treating it like he designed it too. But in his instagram feed he even says it was designed by someone else, when someone asked about buying a copy, but never gives actual credit to you. :/


That was awesome, but I think designing something vs printing some isn't totally understood...


That was awesome, but I think designing something vs printing some isn't totally understood...

i would love to see some MR.Gutsy version of this.

ColorFabb sells a great Olive Drab Green filament that is an dead on match for Mr. Gutsy's color :D


I noticed there is a odd triangle intersecting the surface of his eye. Would you be able to remove this artifact easily on your end?

good catch! file is updated.

Thank you!

This is by far the best file I've ever printed from thingiverse. Everything fits 100% perfectly with just the right snap/friction feel, and all the parts look good with no mesh errors.


truly my pleasure! Love your work!

Did anybody scale this down at all? How'd it do?

as we speak currently printing one half the size, will keep you updated!

I love the new dome. and the banana for scale. =)

This is a great model. I am printing the eye arms right now, then I will just need the weapons. I swear I found an updated weapon set with the moving sawblade in another thing. Does anyone have the link?

Awesome Job!!! printing it right now!

one problem thought, the joints (the parts that holds the ball) broke in two :( i might have a problem with layer adhesion, maybe a higher temp i should use?

I would add another shell or two, that should increase the strength of the joints so they stay solid.

need to print this!

Awesome, please Do!

almost done, had a little misfortune with the dome, first i accidently printed it with support, and i can tell you that was like impossible to get out of the eye holes, then it had a hard time filling in the flat part of the top, so i upped the infill a bit with better results, i also made a simple stand for it, if it works well i can post the files here. but im not sure, might mill it out of aluminium for a little more weight

i think im gonna try to make some front piece for the eyes too, if you're not working on that already?

oh man, sorry about the supports.

I may also do the stand and the eyes but not sure when I'm going to get to them. Something I've done for bases as well is do a a zpause and through a bunch of pennies in there, i guess you could use sand too.

Anyway, pumped to see it!

I think i'm going to try and print a z 18 size one :)

my codsworth is done more or less, i have just updated my make with the picture of my painted mr handy =) only thing is it would be cool to add a led in the exhaust.