Solder Cableholder

by Landin81 Dec 16, 2015
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Very useful; thank you!

Looks great, do you have the parametric (original) files?

Looks great, do you have the parametric (original) files?

Excellent design. Very useful. Made a couple for friends as well.

Thanks =)
Hope you enjoy it!

Needs to be thinner holding width for the small wires, and narrower gap. I'm splicing ribbon cables and have to peel them back to far for this to work well, and also still have room for shrink wrap :p

All the same, great design. This should get featured!

What printer do you use? da vinci 1.0a with repetier firmware?

Yes. and E3Dv6 hotend.

Excellent idea – love it. The decision to print this is a no-brainer – thanks for sharing.

I feel like middle slot length should be between deepest and shallowest one.

Why didn't I think of this.
I do a lot of soldering wires.
Thanks for sharing!

Perfect design for what I needed! Thanks for sharing with the world!

Dang, if that ain't the handiest thing I ever seen! Awesome!!!!

Beautiful design. Simple. Thanks for NOT patenting this... :)

Here we should share everything like a family :)

If only more people had this very same mind set! :)

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couldn't have said it better #isuckforusingthis

Nice design, though I wonder if it could be done better by instead of relying on wedging the cables in there you use springs to make one set of clamping arms move, a bit like a wise.

Hahaha. Thats sick, that is just what im working on =)

But this is just made to be simple, no springs and simply print and use, often that is what people want. This design is still very helpful when soldering cables.

Yeah not saying this one wouldn't work fine, but I was tearing down an old small phone clamping thing with springs inside (harvesting the springs and looking at the internal hole for a sliding peg kind of attachment to an arm with suction cup for use in a car, for printing my own for my new larger phone) and somehow that trapped sprint sliding action mechanism and this application merged in my head when I saw this thing.

Sounds awesome. My new design is just 4 springs, 4 screws, 4 nuts and the rest is printable.

I started to make the new design after wanted to hold connectors, like XT60 and so on, so I think it will be awesome. Wont be ready for a while due to alot of other projects =)

We did a Time-Lapse of this cool model you can watch it here https://youtu.be/064zC9dTH7Q

Get this patented man, this is a great idea and I'm sure would be VERY useful to hobbyists

Great design Peter, thank you.
Helping hands are ok, but can damage the insulation. This won't damage anything.

Thanx! Yes I had alot of problem smelting the insulation and the "claws" made the insulation damaged :/

I had the same problem. But with some heat shrink tubing on the claws , it works well . But I have printed me anyway the cable holder . :-)


Good idea!! :)

How handy is this little guy!! just added it to my solder station, Great design!

Thanx! =) Hope it will come in handy =)

Great Idea, and good design !

Thanx alot Sammy! =)

The plastic will probably melt when soldering big wires ?

Don't use PLA for this print. Definetly ABS

PETG also works fine.

The ambient heat that would impact the plastic while soldering the wires, of any size, will be neither hot enough not in contact with the plastic long enough to melt it.

Use abs, more heatresistent. I have solder the big red cable thats in the picture and it was not a problem.