3DHubs Wars playset

by FABtotum Dec 18, 2015
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Thank you, it's great! I wanna solo! Plzzzzz!

Just printed a JUMBO version of this MARVIN model! Check out my time lapse video of the print:


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The last Cover photo you uploaded, hmm... Strong in The Force it is!

We will miss you, Carrie!

I'm having issues with areas missing or not connecting I guess you'd say in these.. mostly the C3PO one..
basically anywhere the actual c3PO face comes in contact with the basic marvin model area it's not printing an outer layer... tried 2 diff slicers and both gave the same thing.. even tried 100% fill.. :( something I'm missing?

You NEED Yoda or you will forever be a failure. If you have Yoda, you will be known for your awesomeness everywhere from Earth to the Far, Far Away galaxy!

Patience you must have, my young padawan!

oh..."haha, mr funny guy". be carefull printing this, the creater decides to be an ass and trooper is tilted so its feet are up in the air. I lost some plastic,, plz fix this,,,,,

or, maybe that is the best way they found to print it. Before calling someone an ass, how about you check the model in your slicer "before" blindly printing something. It would be "very" easy to fix this in most slicers, just rotate and move it as needed.

You can even tell by the angle of the layer lines in the pictures provided that this is "exactly" how the "funny guy" printed them. This way the layer lines were printed at the same angle as the storm troopers head.

On the vader one, the feet do not touch the ground, it starts printing the feet on layer 2 for me. Has anyone found a way to rotate it to fix this? I really hate rafts and want to avoid that.

Thank you for your reporting, we will take a look soon.
Meanwhile, if you are using Cura as slicing engine, you can use the setting "Cut off Object" and set the value 0.1 or 0.2, the problem should disappear.

It is a very small difference because when I tried printing it at 0.2 layers, the feet did not start until layer 2 but if you use 0.3, then they start correctly on layer 1. Minor issue, though. Its a very cool object.

Pretty much the most amazing Marvin remix I've seen so far, THANKS!

ps. if we add a few more you can make a chess set out of it ;)

thanks! sure we'll add more characters in the future :)