Data Matrix Dualstrusionator

by tbuser Oct 1, 2011
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Brass knuckles version could be fun :-)


You beat me to it. :)

I guess I can stop thinking about my own and work on all the other projects now :)

u should make 3d glasses with clear red and blue pla

Nice work, tbuser, been looking forward to your first dual print.

There's a QR code that's based on the Blackberry 21x21 matrix. You could encode that way, and it would be readable by most devices, even Google Goggles.

Too bad this didn't exist during the Demo Slam we had at NYCR.


Goggles should read datamatrix codes as well. I wanted to try datamatrix because so far as I know, they're the smallest?

For instance, the one I printed here that just encodes the number 12104 is 14x14

Works on my phone ... That's awesome!

Interesting. Not nearly as as smooth as the makerbot coin. Could you do a print with the piece lying down to see the difference in print quality?

Btw. how does the dualtruder affect the usable build surface?

You must be loosing a few centimeters on either side on the x axis using both. Even with a single extruder you must be loosing some surface due to the center offset.

Basically when you have dual MK7s your max X axis build area is around 85mm when you want to do a print involving both extruders. However, if you want to do just a normal 1 color print, your X axis build area is around 100mm, give or take a few mm. Y axis is the same either way, around 120mm. Also, with MK7 you gain a few mm in the Z axis - I'm getting around 122.

Thanks for the info. What about that horizontal print? Could you be persuaded to make one? I'm very interested in a side by side shot of vertical vs. horizontal print with the dualtruder.

Single MK7s are centered, dual MK7s are ~32mm nozzle-to-nozzle, so you loose ~16mm from either edge (though any one extruder can still print there).

Will using a URL-shortening-service make the full URL encodeable in a reasonable size?

Yeah that will help a bit, depending on how long the regular url is.

Very cool! Can it make QR Codes?

If you want regular QR Codes, check out polymaker's qr2cad http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:10408http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... I might modify his to make inverse models for 2 color printing... or just add QR codes to mine.