Micro Spider Quadcopter

by ulflindestrom Dec 19, 2015
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How long the wheelbase? And how many weight, only frame? Can be fit to eachine e011 board? Thanks bro...

It's around 120mm MTM and quite heavy (don't have the exact number). It can most definitely fit the e011 board, but it's way to heavy for those small motors

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hello, grate idea, but the weight, of this and what kind of batteries u use, 380 or 750?

Thanks! I don't remember exactly but guessing around 70-75 grams with fpv gear and a 750mah battery

thx, and motors of the 107c not be to warm after u re flight, i use for mine but with the 107c without the bottom of the frame, and i can flight 5 min and u

Sorry, I don't understand. I don't use hubsan motors (not sure what size they are), I use 8.5mm motors bought separately. And yes they were warm after flight but not hot. I got around 4 minutes of flight if I remember correctly

Where does the battery mount? Inside the canopy or on the bottom?

what material did you print with?

PLA. Not optimal, but the only filament I had

The radius is missing in this model from the main body onto the rear raised "v" section. It does not affect performance and is only cosmetic, Quad flies like a dream.

For some reason I couldn't get the cad software to add a radius, not sure why since it was no problem adding it to the vtail version. Glad you like it and thanks for the "Made" posts

Have you ever thought about putting a battery bay/compartment in the canopy?

I printed this out with 25% infill and it seems to be sturdy enough so far. I did notice that this frame is rather noisy. Other than that this thing is awesome!!!

Currently running an Alienwii FC, with 8.5mm fast motors from MMW, and a LemonRX satellite.

Yeah, it needs a better way to mount a battery. I'll have to do some thinking.

What do you mean with noisy? Do you mean it makes a lot of noise or is there something wrong with the STL?

I have the same setup on another micro, might do a transplant to one of these so I have one of each kind (spider/vtail)

Never mind about the noisy frame issue. It ended up being a motor going bad. I swapped it out for a new one and this thing purrs like a kitten.

The stl is perfect. The frame itself makes a fair amount of noise compared to most some of my other micro frames. I might need to try different props. I'm currently using the clear hubsan style props. I will try some of the parrot props later today and see if that makes any difference.

I notice the model is missing the dome cap?

As mentioned in the instructions, download the canopy from the original vtail quadcopter

This design is great! I cant wait to build and fly this little guy.

Glad you like it!