Ghost Cube

by Camochase Dec 21, 2015
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What's the size of the core and screws? I want to print them (or at least the core)

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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just a quick question, about how many grams of PLA/ABS would this require?

If you take all of the files and put them into your slicer it should give you an estimation on the weight of the filament

Its pretty darn expensive I'm not gonna lie but I think "I'm" gonna print it.

what should I print it at like the infill

wait I see I should do it a 15%

Can you please make a printable core?

Are there any 2 or more pieces that are the same or are they all different?

The majority are different and a couple turned out to be the same. When I stared designing it had no idea many of the pieces would be mirrors or the same as others.

Can you make a print plate for it?

I would prefer to not make a print plate due to allot of people not being able to fit all the pieces on their smaller printers.

Does it use a 3x3 core? can u make a printable one?

if you did this in ABS then acetone smoothed it that would be amazing

I would make this but i all ready brought one. lol

How the heck do I assemble this? I printed all of the parts and i can't seem the get them all in... Do I tape them together to hold them?

You need a 3x3 core, camo supplied the bases in the print.

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Yes it is necessary when designing the puzzle i was not aware 4 of the center pieces would end up the same its best to print 1 of each file and optionally the core

Thanks for the fast reply. I realized that shortly after I posted my comment lol. As for the core, you're saying that I could just find one on thingiverse and print it and it should work?

Yeah the quick reply is because i get notifications on my phone but its been awhile since i uploaded this and i thought i uploaded a core file but i guess not. But a printed core should work assuming it is 19mm wide but i woupdnt suggest it because its hard to print due to its shape and the hardware is hard to find unless you just buy them

Oh that makes sense. I'll probably just end up buying the dayan core and hardware from the cubicle like you suggested

you can create a file with all the pieces you need

Two questions, Will any old cube core work? i was planing on using my old cyclone boys 3x3. Also will normal cubicle ghost cube stickers fit??

If you would like to make stickers you would have to export the faces from the inventor file and print it out and cut them yourself

I am pretty confident that the cyclone boys 3x3 core should work as for the stickers i highly doubt that the stickers would work because I made this puzzle with the original ghost cube in mind however the cuts i had made are completely random and most likely are not the same as the original ghost cube

hahaha i was looking to see if anybody was using a regular core and i see this comment about the cyclone boys core, that the one i have lol... so i guess I'm good!

I was wondering if an old rubik's brand core and hardware, or sheng shou core and hardware because I don't have a zhanchi to sacrifice and don't really want to order anything :/

I don't think you can use an old rubiks cube because they are put together with rivets and not screws but a sheng shou should work if not you can always put it back together

Do you think I can find the hardware parts such as the core, screws and springs on a different website? I can't use the cubicle.

Yeah it's just a standard speed cube core and hardware I'm just not sure if other brands/sites have the same screws and Springs however from some of the makes people have posted it looks like they stole the core and screws from other cubes which would work just as well

Nice, I'm planning on just using the MHZ Core Screws and Springs from cubezz.com Also I noticed someone else made this with a higher resolution and it looked much better, should I just put the best resolution my printer can do?

That's really up to you i printed mine with a .2 mm resolution

Did you print them in the original orientation with support or did you reorient them?

Almost every piece I had to re orient

How do you get fit the caps? It doesn't holds

I touched them up a bit with a utility knife then I put it tiny dab of glue to hold them in place so they only come off with force

Thanks dude, I made it ;)

has anyone done it in 1 print already assembeled or just in the individual pieces wondering before i print it

I don't think it's possible to print in place

This looks awesome!
Please make an instructional video on how to assemble the pieces together!

Printing right now! My son wanted a ghost cube so bad for christmas! Your making it possible. Thanks! Will post pics soon. Did a few test pieces lastnight and it worked phenomenal with the standard cube cores :D

I am really glad to hear that that's exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for I know I would love if my parents printed me a ghost cube for Christmas and I'm sure your son will too

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Wow! This makes a wonderful addition to the group, thanks for adding it!

I always wanted yo have a Ghost Cube, but in amazon is so expensive and in HKNowStore are always without stock.
I think you are my hero now hahaha

Exactly how I felt that is why I designed my own I hope you enjoy it