Charizard Figure

by albertiny87 Dec 21, 2015
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How can i print it on I3 Mega.Full Scale.Thank you for sharing.

Hi this is amazing.What infill is used.Thank you for sharing.

What did you use so colour the fire?

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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You’re welcome!

The base file seems to have something wrong with it. In cura it crashes when slicing if support isn't on and it generates barely any support and no walls on the first layer and starts the wall on the second layer printing on air, making this unprintable.
luckily, the fire itself makes a great base!

That's strange, my original file is working correctly, I have downloaded it and it's also working good on cura 2.6.2 and meshmixer isn't finding any problem on analysis.
By the way, I have mine without base, as you say, the fire is cool enough XD

weird. must be a 3.1 issue maybe

Im trying to set this up to print but some of the items are incredibly small like the wings. Im not sure how big to scale them to fit with the other pieces. Anychance you can re upload with them all to the same scale size? Or what the best way to make these fit together

I'm fixing it, I'll upload it today if everything is alright.

Está muy bien, voy a intentar hacerlo a una escala pequeña y ya os informaré de como a ido.

Ya lo comente, el único fallo del que me he dado cuenta es que en la conexión cabeza-cuello hay que limar para que encaje, por el resto bien.
Suerte! (uff que gusto responder en español XD)

This thing looks awesome! Is there a reason why nobody has made one yet? Is it not fully functional, difficult to put together, or just doesnt work? D:

Too many hours to print, I guess. I only found a problem on the neck, nothing that a lime can't solve (the hole it's not big enought [yeah, that's what she said...]).
But it's fully printable, I don't understand why nobody wants to print it.

It's purely the time commitment, I will look into printing this however. It would 100% print it if it's eyes were the same size as the show/cards/anime.

Do you have a picture of what it looks like printed out besides the model shown? Maybe that can get more people interested in wanting to print one. I'm going to try it but it'll be another month before I can. This looks awesome though, I'll totally post a pic of it glued together and painted when I try it

I moved to another country before I could acquire all the pieces and glue them, maybe soon I could finish the figure.

Oh I may figured out one reason why people aren't printing it lol. It's huge, like $40 and the base is too large for our printer huge.

Just scale it to the dimensions you'd like.

Is there any way I can get this file in VRML format?

Any chance we could get an STL of it all put together?

Not at this time. Sorry.

Does anyone know why those mesh previews look so grainy?

I think this is a Scanned Piece.

Not at all, it's fully made by ZBrush.