ZMR 250 Low Racer conversion spacer vented XT60

by Darth_Cedius Dec 26, 2015
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This looks really good. I know it fits the 28x28 or 32x32, will it doe the 28x28 in its case? It' hard to see?

I would like to use your design but I have some modifications to do for my zmr 250.
Is it possible that you send me the files in STEP format ?

Hi Darth, I wondered if you could advise what fits in the hole at the rear?

Have you selected a type of LED to fit this? if so please advise the make and part number please



Hello. I downloaded the files as I am interested for the middle arm version.
There is only one file available:

The following files are the same:

The following file was supposed to be for smaller than 32x32 cameras:
ZMR_LowRacer_V2_3mm vented left XT60-middle 3MM arm separated.stl

Thank you in advance

Great job, Going to convert 3 of my ZMR250s

I created a top plate that can be 3D printed and posted it in the remix section. You can use the 2mm version to print it and use it as a template to cut the carbon plate.

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Is there any possibility to make it for 4mm arms and 30mm height?
Also with the arms in the middle!

If you use cura you can adjust the vertical scale. unlink the scaling and only do the vertical.

you will need to do the spacers and the frame separately.

when you do the spacers adjust the height for those based on the space needed for the arms. I printed the frame first by itself then measured the pocket depth with a spare arm in it.

Ok thanks for the info! I will try it!

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Can someone show a picture which shows how the FPV cam is mounted? Very lovely spacer!

I have the larger board cam so I just used some hot glue in the top then more on the sides to anchor it in place.


Where do you get the cut top plate? Do i have to cut the carbon plate myself?

yes, you have to cut the ZMR250 plate to fit the camera holder.

Darth Cedius,

can you please tell me the measurements of the cut for the 32mm camera holder

just display a top view of the spacer in your printer sofware or in any CAD software, print it, and apply it on the carbon plate: cut along the lines.

Darth Cedius,

I have opened the frame with draftsight, openscad, cura, and blender I cannot get a topview to print to scale. What program did you actually use to get your stencil?

Great work! Is it possible to create a mount for Runcam2 for the 32x32-camera-frame?

I don't have a RunCam2 to work with, sorry.

Darth Cedius,

This is a great design and I am planning on using a 32 x 32 camera. I opened the .stl file in tinkercad and I have a few questions. 1. How does the camera mount? I don't see any way to secure the camera inside the housing. 2. There are several holes and pieces missing in the 3D model. Is it possible for you to upload an editable file so I can clean it up a bit?

to mount the camera I use 4 drops of hot glue on each corner of the camera.

edit the file in CURA for Gcode, you won't have any problem.

for modification I use 123D Design (limited but works with stl files)


ps: I don't have the CAD files as it is a remix.

have you cut the supports off yet? if so how much does this weigh? i like the look of it alot and im not knocking it in any way. im a racer so im wondering how much time i will lose and heavy means less or sluggish response. let me know if you would as i am printing the zmr 250 tonight. but i think i want to print this i really love how this frame is the mount plate to. great job!

All i can say is I come up with the same weight as normal zmr250 when I build the frame with full filling. It can get 15g lighter with less filling, another 10g if you use only 2 screws per arm.

Darth Cedius,

Awesome!! Was wondering if you can provide a version for 4mm arm and 32x32 camera.

Most ZMR250's now are with either 4mm or even 5mm arm.. that would be great..

I will put the spacers of the separated version in a different file, so that people can adjust height to their need. When generating gcode with Cura, you just reduce the height by 1mm to fit 4mm arms, 2mm for 5mm...that should do the trick :-)

Darth Cedius,

Very nice!!!
Light and transform the ZMR to a lovely quad.
Could you please enlarge the camera area to 32x32 for me (from 28x28)? and the camera lens hole to 15 from 10.
I would like to use my existing hardware.


I'm working on it at the moment, should be available soon.

Darth Cedius,

I've made a 32x32 camera version available.

I haven't built it yet so let me know!

Darth Cedius,

Hi, great job !
Is it possible to create a ZMR_LowRacer_V2_3mm vented left XT60-middle 3MM arm separated.stl with a high of 20mm please ? Thnks

On the last ZMR250 I bougth the arm were 3.2mm thick, so if you want to increase the height from 18 to 20mm, just do it in cura when generating the gcode: the room for the arms will be spot on.

Darth Cedius,

This is an awesome design. Would you be able to upload your cad files? I would love to tinker with this design a bit on my own.

I don't have specific CAD files as it is a remix, I directly work with the .stl files on 123D Design.

best regards,

Nice spacer! I want to convert my ZMR250 V2 to something like this too. I am a noob to 3D printing so I wanted to ask if it is OK to get this printed in PLA? Or is ABS better? I wanted to ask if you could post a few pictures of your electronics in between the spacers. I wanted to see how you mounted the FC and PDB and arranged everything inside. What additional hardware will I need to use this with my ZMR? Roughly what is the vertical height of this spacer? Also, is it possible to modify the design to allow for more camera tilt?

I only use PLA, so I can't answer what is best. I added a picture of the inside in the "I made one" section.

the height is 18mm.

instead of more angle of the camera, I was planning on adding 15° warping, would that be ok?

best regards,

Can you remix one for 4mm arms?

I think its more than 4mm from the image?

I think you're looking at the wrong one: I made one with middle arms and removable bottom spacer to ease maintenance. with the first version, once you 've soldered the esc, you could not access the camera without desoldering every thing...

Gotcha. I was just looking at the model image as shown and it was a big gap :) Forgot about the removable spacer.

a 4mm arm version would be awesome!

yes, I will. I will first make separate pieces of the bottom part spacer (under the arms) for the middle arm version: it will ease the maintenance.

Thanks. I've been playing around with the file and trying to teach myself how to use all the software to lately. I like your remix with the camera assembly.

USb Hole would be nice, and maybe a version with just a ittle cutout for a powercable instead of an XT60 =)

Nice build, but try to use more retract on your Printer.

ok, thanks, I will try that :-)