Twisted Bottle

by 2ROBOTGUY Oct 7, 2011
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Any suggestions what to do when the lid won't close all the way?

this is a really neat print. perfect to put little nuts and bolts in.

Thank you

This is a great part to test desktop, rep rap printers and is a great way to see the calibration in your printer but if anyway wants a stratasys grade one i have a Dimension 1200es SST printer that prints with soluble support and stratasys can be abit slow at sending things out so just send me over a message with scaling and ill see what i can do but limit is 1 per person due to them cost £15. great print though thanks for the upload!

The part we have from Stratasys is apparantly printed with 0.2mm wide extrude and 0.1mm layers. There is obvious banding under a microscope between the side-by-side extrudate leaving tiny gaps inbetween every other pass. Suggests to me a aliasing issue in the printer.
It's the version without U under lid and with the two holes. It is not watertight and you can feel air escaping when blowing into it.
Another thing I see in the microscope is a rifled appearance of the finished surface. This appears to be result from previous layer being a support-layer that has later been removed. The finish in the dimples is smooth so it has probably not been ripped apart, but dissolved. Maby they print these in bulk using both the width and heigh capability of the machine to print a big block of them, then dissolve to seperate?

It looks awsome though.

Do you have to pay shipping to get the "free" one? Being able to compare print quality would rock!

No shipping. Just request it. Forget about it then you get a surprise in the mail. It is almost as nice as some of the finer Makerbot prints

the stratasys bottle is watertight 8-)

very cool

The one I got from them, isn't. Top is, bottom is porous - I can blow into it and the air leaks out easily. Printing a newer one myself now that my machine is more tweaked, we'll see how it looks.

They are different models. This model doesn't have the secret "U" My sample model has a secret Letter U on the lid. (Least it looks like a U to me) It's clearly a different model from the one that Stratasys prints. Probably someone modeled it. It's a nice model anyway.

Where specifically is the U on your sample? I can't find it on my sample.

U = uPrint sample. ;)

Yeah, there's a U inside the lid. There are actually a few different versions available as sample prints. :)

The bottle was posted in the Up! forums yesterday by someone claiming to be a Stratasys service engineer.


The cap will not screw on my blue twisted bottle made on my TOM. Both the bottle and cap were printed at the same time. Photo uploaded.

btw. My bottle from Stratasys has 3 holes in the top instead of 2. I wonder what that is about.

Its the same model. Just They made one with 2 and the other with 3.

I printed this last night at .33 on my cupcake with SF35. The lid is tight, but it does screw on. However the lid from a Stratasys printed bottle actually fits better on my bottle than the lid I printed.

I would suggest:

1) Slice the part thin ( ~.1mm)

2) Adjust your offset from your edges in skeinforge

I'm using ReplicatorG 0025.

I was going to edit Skeinforge by going to "Carve" and setting layer thickness from .34 to .3. Enough of a change or should I go further?

Where is "offset" in Skeinforge?

I haven't tried it myself yet, but it looks to me like the offset control is Inset -
gt; Overlap Removal Width Over Perimeter Width (ratio).

I printed one at 0.25mm layers and it came out well - the lid is very tight on mine though, so I might try tweaking the offset thing.

I didn't get permission to post this file on thingiverse and I specifically said we probably shouldn't do that.


And then I definitely didn't get any information on a license for the file, and I definitely didn't get any information on distributing modified copies of this.

I know its a downer but I really feel like we should respect the rules for this. Unless they gave you permission to post this on thingiv
erse and gave you that license information.

And then the other reason I didn't post it on thingiverse was that the thingiverse rules specifically state not to post things you didn't design.

So really, nothing about this file being here is really appropriate. We should encourage Stratasys to join t
he DIY 3D printer community and nourish it. If we want this file on here we should ask them to make an account and post it, or at the very least get explicit permission from them.

I recommend you pick up that cross and use it for a cause that actually matters

Did they grant you permission to upload this?

Actually... no.

I'm the one that got the file from Stratasys. I asked a sales guy if it would be okay if I shared the files with some other Ultimaker users so they could compare print quality, and he said "I think that would be okay", so I did do that. But I didn't get permission to share it on thingiverse and I
specifically said we shouldn't do that unless we get explicit permission.

And then we haven't gotten a license from them so its inappropriate to say this is licensed under creative commons.

See my original post on this here:

Guys I kno
w we want to share this with our friends on Thingiverse but we can't just to whatever we want without permission. Pass the file around to friends or show them the link to the mailing list page, but I really don't think its appropriate to post this on thingiverse without permission, and they haven't
gotten back to me about that.

Removed my print until / unless you are granted permission to post the STL.

I think you guys are worrying too much about this. If it's actually an issue, they'll let somebody know.

It's not even particularly unique or complicated, and it would take under an hour to reproduce with measurements.

I agree with Landru,not everything is worth worrying about this much, if someone is really upset they are free to post here and tell us so. It is silly to waste time and energy worrying about what people might think.

Thanks! I already have one from stratasys that I requested when I ordered my makerbot....now I can finally compare them!! :-D

Excellent I have been looking for this for ages.

So Have I and many other! Enjoy 8-)

What fill % do they use on the demo? 100%?

Also, is there an original design file other than the .stl?

Working on it. I will have a parametric model soon. Solidworks file, Iges
amp; step


  With the STL data, I have been able to Reverse Engineer the file. SW2011 

amp; Step File now attached