Raspberry Pi Display Case

by ftobler Dec 28, 2015
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How did you get the Pi to fit in the case? I can't get mine to fit. My printer is known for shrinking prints 2% but that shouldn't cause an issue, should it?

Very nice ! Complete noob to 3D printing here, my first print !
I would like to modify it to add a battery; I was successful in opening it with meshmixer and make some basic changes, but I'm curious if you could share the original files. Not set on a CAD program yet, free is good ;-)

Free CAD? try onshape.com
It is free, as long as your projects are public.

Download the raspiBplusCase_raw.zip and import the .stp files into onshape.

Happy CADing :}

FreeCAD it is ! Looks simple enough for me.
I successfully modified the .stl file with meshmixer, but it's not really a CAD program. Some colleagues have mentioned Blender, looks more for artsy-like projects too.

Thanks again ! I'm going to alter it to make room for a battery.

Any chance to add 2020 V-slot fixing feature to the case?

I habe a plug and play screen with 2 hdmi
The other is over the original in the reverse side
Can you help maybe

how do i use raspberian on this screen

So with the monitor from Ebay that you have in your notes, what top should be printed out, you have three of them so I'm assuming they are for different size screens?

Awesome design.

They are from user request, which required a slightly different design, The one I used was raspiBplusCase_top.stl

Good Work!!! Your project helped a lot.

This box is really excellent, and perfectly fit my 3.5" Kuman SC06 LCD.
QUESTION: a Raspberry is often use in projects that require opening it frequently. Might you please consider adding some screw holes to close the cover, instead of using glue, then difficult to reopen?
I think the same M3 screws that we should use to fix the RPI to the bottom, could even be used for the top?
Many thanks in advance!

...or... with no screws, even some lateral "clamps", between the cover and the base, would do the trick...

That takes me hours until it fits. I would have to reprint it several times, so I am not doing that. At least for now.

Thanks for the answer!
I'm relatively new to 3D printing, but I'd like trying using Rhino to do that.
Have you eventually the source files to try accomplishing this result?

I have a raspiBplusCase_raw.zip containing step files. I don't know if you can open them.

Hi ftobler, i used your case to make a PI Nintendo cartridge label slider.
"Label Slider" (NES):

Thanks for your work on the pi case

Label Slider - (NES)
by Techtek

That is a very interesting project!

Would be nice, if cou can add the case as a remix :)

Hi Is it possible to make a 5" version for this case? I am doing a senior capstone project with the pi and am having trouble with finding a case for it with the lcd screen attached. Would appreciate any help.

This is the display link https://www.amazon.com/Elecrow-RPA05010R-800x480-Display-Raspberry/dp/B013JECYF2/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1488906420&sr=8-3&keywords=5%22+lcd+display

Hi man, would it be possible for you to make a 2.8inch screen ersion plz ? ( https://www.adafruit.com/products/1983 this one in particular) THAT WOULD BE AWESOME :)

Hi volodiaa,,
Unfortunately I'm not a wizard. I do need precise measurements or instructions where to make cuts or extrusions. Looking at those pictures, there is another problem: The display PCB overlaps the USB and Ethernet ports. So it will not fit in my design.

Regards, Florin

It fit pretty good except for the tab piece on bottom for the sd card slot. it snapped my 32gb sd card in half from the pressure. could you modify it with a bigger sd card hole and no tab?

uploaded a new file

Thanks four sharing your neat design. I really like it. I remixed the base so you are able to run the Pi Camera cable out of the case and made another one to make a little room under the PCB for small heatsinks.Thought I´d upload them in case anybody runs into the same requirements. See http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2011173 for more info.

Raspberry Pi Display Case (new Base for Pi Camera and Heatsink)

I apologize for this dumb question in advance...what size screws do you use to mount the pi 3 inside the case? The screw holes are so shallow I want to make sure I get it right the first time.

M3 screws. The designed diameter is 2.8mm.

Hey really like this design. Quick question, can this display run retropie without lag? Or is it only for raspian?

I don't think that works. To make it work in Raspian you have to install special drivers so It's not a standard monitor.

Thanks for the fast reply. I think it will work with the 5 inch monitor, as it is connected with a HDMI which supports 60fps, and can be independently powered.


HDMI should be okay. But I don't get which monitor you are refering to. If it is the 5" waveshare HDMI monitor, I just want to say I have nothing to do with them. Just found their guide.

Excellent! Printed perfectly using ABS on my Wanhao/Monoprice Duplicator i3. Waiting for my Pi and touchscreen (same type as yours) to arrive. Thank you.

Hi ftobler! Great design. By any chance, can you please send me the Autodesk Inventor ipt file (via like a Google drive/dropbox link)? I want to make some modifications to the design for my own needs.


Use: raspiBplusCase_raw.zip. I don't provide .ipt files, but here are some .stp ones

So much for standards!

I think I actually need a combination of:

I have the reversed screen that needs the different cut out but the display also has a tall header so I need that extra 5mm in height. Is there any chance you can do that? i.e.?


I'm going to attempt it myself, will comment if successful

Made the combination for you. Filename as suggested.

Hope everyone finds a fitting version, it's getting messy...

Thank you for doing that, fantastic.

For the benefit of others, this is the screen I have been using it with:

Yes it is getting messy, perhaps we need to link to a google spreadsheet of screens matches to STL files....

Anyway I could get this made, a little taller? I'm trying to find a case to fit a Nextion 3.5" screen, and the DVMega underneath it.

I currently use a ModMyPi Modular case, but when I cut the top apart for the screen...it looks like crap!



I don't know this case. But maybe just design and print a custom top for your existing case?
I can make the existing lid taller, but you have to tell me by how mutch.

If it was 1/2 taller, it'd be perfect.

"raspiBplusCase_top_extraTall.stl" is for you.
It is 5mm higher, so 14mm in total (instead of 9). The display cutout is the same as the normal top.
Let me know if it fits.

Ordered! I'll let you know.

Excellent case, I'd like to rework the base to fit an older model (2 USB ports, big SD card, micro USB power in a different place, etc.). Here's a model of it (https://grabcad.com/library/raspberry-pi-model-b).

What software would you recommend using for the modification? I've tried Tinkercad, 123D Design, SketchUP, and a few others but none seem to work well. The challenge is filling in the existing power/HDMI/RGB holes, I'm having a lot of trouble doing that with the different offsets. Any suggestions or tips that might help? Thanks again for an excellent case, I'm stoked to print this and use it with my model B as a portable media player.

I only know SketchUp from your list of software. I Personally use Inventor. It should be possible in SketchUp but it will be very time consuming.

Since you requested it, i might make a version for the older raspi, but can't promise anyting.

I bought a Raspberry Pi 3, and it does fit! (I did determine though, that it will not boot from a Raspberry Pi 2 Micro SD card - so I had to image a new card for the RPI3)

About the case though, I printed one, and it is great, but what type of adhesive is suggested for sticking the lid on to the case?

Also, does the LCD require any adhesive to stay in place, or is the spacer itself enough? Is there a picture of an assembled unit with the lid open so we can see how the LCD is mounted?

Sorry for all of the questions.....

I added two more pictures.

I originally used some kind of gel typed glue, but I had to break it open at some point. You don't have to glue it if it sits snug enough.

To fix the LCD, the Spacer is glued to the Display PCB, and could further be glued to the connectors, but it is probably not needed. When the lid is closed (eventually glued) then the LCD cannot move out of place.

Thanks for printing :)

No worries.

I'll post pictures once my display arrives. I am going to see if my RPI3 will work with the screen, otherwise, I'll use my RPI2+

Nice job with the design too - it looks awesome!


@ftobler I have a Raspberry Pi 3 B, will it fit? Did anyone try? Thanks

Yes, it fits.

It should be possible, as they look exactly the same.
Unfortunately I don't own one.

@ftobler I think I may have received a knock off version of the display. It is the Waveshare 3.5inch Rpi LCD (A) however a key note is the display is reversed. in your picture the thick side is near the USB. On my screen the thick side is towards the bottom or SD card side. If I spin the top plate around it fits but then I had to cut out the USB section because of course I spun the top. Can you upload a reverse top or provide the files so I can edit them? I Can send you pictures if you prefer but again I think the screen was done by a different manufacturer and they did it reverse.

Over all great design and nice fit. I used 30% infill, ABS blue color with 115 degree bed and 240 degree tip. I run my tip a bit warm because I do all of my work in a 60 degree cellar but it came out perfect. Keep the bed level, filament and extruder clean and you hardly ever have any issues.

Thank you in advance!

I have uploaded the file "raspiBplusCase_top_differentCutout.stl", that might be what you are looking for. If it doesn't fit or something else, please send me a personal message.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Really appreciate the quick turnaround and super surprised you made the change for me! Thanks. It is on the printer now and I will provide pictures once completed.

Thanks again.

I'm going to print this, thank you for sharing! What is the spacer for?

The spacer is to give the display support against pressure from the touchscreen. It is intended to bridge the gap between the LCD PCB and the USB/LAN ports. I have used some double sided tape to fix it to the display.

Is there a chance that you could do a version for the older model B? I have one of these displays and an model B that's just sitting around.

Thank you very much. I tried looking for the pi case with 3.5" lcd at many shop around my place but no luck. I decide to print it myself and i've found yours. Thanks!

At first I can't put Pi in case but that was my bad. To put the PI 2 B+ inside this case, here what I did.

  1. Remove the LCD, MicroSD Card
  2. Check the case whether the microSD Card door can be move. If not, try to cut it then try to bend the card door.
  3. Just slide the opposite side of HDMI in first. Then "bend the case a little bit" just enough to make HDMI,microUSB,3.5mm Jack slide in. It will fits the case perfectly.
  4. Attached the LCD and put in MicroSD Card.
  5. Put the top case on.

Now please make a top case with a cover which can turn into the stand :)

Does yours say "3.5 inch RPi LCD v3.0"? I ordered from the link you gave and received one that says that on it, and I can't get it working no matter which guide I try to follow....

Just wondering if the type has maybe changed since you got one?

It don't seems, that the guide has changed. Go and search for a link named "3.5inch Rpi LCD (A) Raspbian Image", download and burn it directly to your SD card, that worked for me.

My display is named exactly the same. I added a picture for you to compare.

direct link to the image here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5ceUb50sIDnajRfVS13T2Jaa2c/view?usp=sharing

Thanks to all for your insight filled replies ... :-)

Answer is no, it does not fit ... required a lot of sanding and fitting to get the Pi alone in.

Pi fits in nicely for me. Give me some measures to improve it.

OK, yeh, sorry, should have provided a constructive comment ...
Hole pattern(s) were perfect ...
Main issue was a little flange like thing on the USB connector that is meant, probably, to sit flat on the outside edge of the case. It interfered with the side of the main cutout on one of the short sides. Had to file the sides to achieve a width of 2.050 inches (52.1 mm).

The "doesn't fit" comment was mostly aimed at the touchscreen. It's just too tall and a little too wide in the long dimension. I can't criticize that as the design wasn't made for the Adafruit 3.5" piTFT.

I guess I can't put pictures here?

I send you a private message. We shoud be able to solve that.

Thank you very much ... I will respond with details.

Has anyone tried this case with the Adafruit PiTFT 3.5" Display?

For anyone looking for a case for the Pi2 + Waveshare 3.2" LCD Screen, This case works.

Awesome Job! Thanks!