My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic models, subdivided twice

by Bluebie Jul 26, 2013
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Thanks for the models. Made printing Christmas gifts easy this year. I had issues with supports falling off at 150% scale, but after bumping to 250% and making my skirt/brim connect Twilight sparkle finished fine whiskers included. Might try the 150% again with the connected brim but in any case thanks for the great models!

Every time I try to print it, the tail falls off... even with full support... what am I doing wrong? This is the first time I've ever had problems printing anything.

i have no idea about your printer or slicer app or anything else! xD

you could try printing it sideways or upside down or something, so it builds the supports differently? or use meshmixer to build custom supports.

Sorry, ANET A8... I tried sideways as well, no luck. The slicer program that I use is Cura. Is there a better slicer program that I should be using to solve this? Do you need to know the settings that I have it set at? Sorry, I'm new the the 3d printer world and my daughter was super excited to see that someone made these prints available.

idk anything about cura sorry. i only have a makerbot rep 2. it prints okay on that, but yeah tail is a tricky spot. i used full supports standing upright and it turned out pretty good

what Slicer app are you using... Makerbot is the printer correct? My first print ever was friday night so I'm very new the the process and willing to try different apps. Would enlarging the horse help so it has more surface area to support itself?

oh and the slicer i'm using is the Makerbot Print app. They make their own slicer engine and everything. I don't think it really works with other printers. at least, not unless they're pretty much makerbot clones.

it could i think. i'm not sure how cura makes supports, but most things do like a regular grid of cross hatches or lines in one direction so if it's bigger there will be more points supported. if you lookup tutorials on youtube for MeshMixer Supports, they can really help a lot. It's a program where you can click each spot where you want it supported and it makes little wire parts that go up and gently hold that spot in place, so you can reinforce any bits you think need extra. it just makes a 3d file with supports built in so you just print it in cura with the built in supports turned off and it usually works really well. it takes some practice to get good at doing it but it's super useful for things like this where the built in stuff isn't giving you the best results

I just got my rainbow dash printed on a formlabs 1+ After cleanup and supports I'll try to post a picture! Looks amazing so far!

Very nice work. My 6 year old is having a friend sleep over tonight and these are the hit of the party.

The only concern I've seen so far that might justify revision: Pinkie Pie is extremely fragile and needs to be scaled up quite a bit or else you'll knock the tail off while removing support. Even scaled up to 40mm height (~125%), the tail fell off within a couple of minutes and required a 3Doodler to repair and calm down the tears.

Currently printing the Rainbow Dash model at 60mm height (146%). Seems to be doing well, with a little bit of support irregularity on the spiky tail end resulting in slightly "blunted" spikes.

Need help! Because of the small platform the thing moves while it's printing. I have tried glass with hairspray and blue painter's tape and even the original heat plate and nothing stops it from moving. How you guys did this one?

Also, tried the layer 0.1mm and it seems while it's printing the 4 legs, the whole leg will wobble (you can see the nozzle pretty much touched the legs when it's printing). So not sure if it's because the layer 0.1mm is too close or because mine was too hot? I am using PLA at 220C, or I have a calibration problem?

Sorry, I am a newbie and would like to print the Pinky Pine for my daughter and so far I have created nothing but grid lines. :(

You need to print with a raft and supports. I didn't do anything special to print it, just turned on raft and supports in MakerBot Desktop and printed on the standard acrylic platform that came with the printer. If you're using a hobby printer and finding the supports aren't working well enough, it maybe worth trying another slicer, or you could try using meshmixer supports.


Thank you. I will try those settings and see if it makes any difference. Btw, as for the support, do I choose full support or exterior support?

I don't think it will make much difference for this model, but I think you should choose full support.

Thank you Bluebie! Sorry for being a newbie. It's really fun but very frustrating as well.. :)

Thank you! I am a huge MLP fan!

That's great to know I had no idea. This changes everything

Awesome work. Any chance you could upload the blank pony template? There are a few other ponies I would like to try and design myself.

http://kp-shadowsquirrel.deviantart.com/http://kp-shadowsquirrel.devia... is who you would want to be talking to. He made the original models of which these are descendants that have only been changed to make them ready for print.

Did you print with support?

You can however print with 0% infill quite successfully. If using clear filament like the pictured prints, this will look a little nicer and print slightly quicker.

Absolutely. Supports are essential for these models

what slicing engine did you use? it looks like you got the supports of pretty easily

Just MakerWare supports, needle nose pliers and a Stanley knife. If printing in coloured filament a very quick moment in a butane flame (like that of a gas-based cigarette lighter) cleans up any discolourations from pulling off supports or cutting off other gunk.

I am SO printing this and giving it to my friend. Hahaha he will hate me for it. Thanks for the models.

Is printing this legal?

Yes, so far as I am aware it is perfectly legal for personal use. These models are a remix of a remix of a piece of original fan art created by a deviantart user. As they are not copies of a creative work but rather a wholey original creative work based on the character designs of Hasbro's cartoon series, all non-commercial use should be fine. This specific remix is done on the basis of the creative commons license applied to it's ancestor. However, I am not a lawyer and copyright laws may vary around the world.

As a little sidenote: People using filesharing systems like BitTorrent to share copyright material are occasionally prosecuted for sharing verbatim copies of original copyrighted work, but this prosecution is on the basis of sharing (seeding or uploading) rather than downloading, so by those guidelines I would not expect you to be liable for downloading even there were something legally fishy about this (which I do not believe there is.)

Hasbro seems to be friendly towards fan art, unlike, say, The Games Workshop who routinely abuse the DMCA process to suppress the sharing of legitimate derivative works, so I don't expect any extralegal issues either.

Finally, if you try and have these designs printed by commercial printing services like Shapeways you may find they have their own extralegal policies of not printing trademarked or copyright designs. These restrictions are not a matter of legal versus illegal, but simply those companies autonomous right to refuse jobs they don't wish to take on.

just don't put marvel stuff on redbubble marvel has a spy there they don't respect fan art they see it as detracting from their work. they get it taken off Me and another person there have lost work for it.

Good answer.