GD Ring - Edge

by GirgisDesigns Dec 28, 2015
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What settings work best? Standing up or laying down, support yes/no, what type support if used, Infil %, layer height, print speed recommendations please. Thanks

Was this printed laying down or standing up, and with supports or without? Looks great- cant wait to try it!

Great, looks like a nice thing to print, however, was thinking of trying it for a thumb as been looking for one for year, how would I print a z+5?


Printed this in black TPU, nice and flexible, very comfortable.

Whats the infill setting you normally set for this?

I did the one I wear every day, as wedding band, @ 100% for strength.

Comments deleted.

This is such a beautiful design, Thank you

I wanna know the first picture`s color hex

anyone who know this reply ASAP

Are these filse in mm or inches?

I made 3 of these all in which are beautiful & great thanks so much.

hey i was trying to print this yesterday and it wouldn't print??? can someone help me out here plz

I'm a size 13 and i don't know if i just cant find it. or there isn't one. and if there isn't one can someone tell me how to make it that size

Can't wait, i am printing it today

I love the design you have and i would love to see one that would fit my finger. Can't wait till you get up to 14 1/2

Thanks Dunham! if my maths is right you should be able to take a Ring Size Z US 12 1/2 and scale it 1.07% to get size 14 1/2
Good luck!

Printed in orange and black, both are awesome! Thanks and I hope you upload more soon.

Hi, love your design, i just wonder, how do i reed the file names to find the one with my size, and what countrys size system r u using. PS: sorry for bad english i am norwegian

Thank you! This link should help, upload your prints if you can i would love to see it

yeah i know my ring size, but how do i read the file names to find the one, i don't really understand your naming sytem, might be because i am not used to other countries size system

the first number on the left is to keep the files in ascending order. The files are named using British & Australian sizes then Us. the naming of files does not allow "/" so i used "-" and "_" for spaces. Eg.
|.........|.................US Size 5 1/4
|.........Au/British Size K 1/4
File number

TNX a lot, now i found it, i will print it on my school tomorrow, then i'll take a picture and upload it so that u can see, again love your design, and tnx for the help! :-)

Made one at the public library, on a MakerBot 2.
Only problem was no proper size for me (15.5 / 24.30mm radius.)
BUT it's only a tiny bit loose, and I can make another one some day (it only cost me $2.20CAD).

Hey Allan,
You can use this chart to find your ring size http://www.ringsizes.co/
and if you want a better quality ring i'd have a look at here http://www.shapeways.com/product/PJRG6XASS/gd-ring-edge?optionId=58768277&li=user-profile

P.s. i'd love to see some photos of your results!

Love the ring included ring sizes. It would've been a pain to adjust the scale of it to fit my finger. (I'm a big guy. 6' 4'' and all that.)

Scaling to your finger only takes 2-3 steps, dude...

The number of reprints it would've taken to get it right would've taken forever though.

Drop 5+ into your print at different scaling factors before slicing/printing. Print all at once since.