by Picolorigolo Dec 28, 2015
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What Kind of material did you use for the deck? It looks like real wood,is it? If yes,What kind of wood?

A beautiful model of a truly historic ship!
Most people nowadays don't know the significance of Captain Cousteau and the Calypso in the early oceanic filmed exploration.
Thanks for your work.

Hello, do you have any stl files for the helicopter or the submarine of calypso? Thanks

Hey im looking forwards to printing this myself. I dont think i have the time of the budget to print it all. so can someone provide the skeleton of this boat? Id like to just have the boat its self and none of the extra accessories. And has anyone gotten this beast to float in water yet?

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Hi Ronny, sorry for the wait , i checked the zip files by downloading it on my computer and open files on Cura, then i saw that for me everything was right. So what i've done: for each piece of portique.zip i made a Template with dimension in millimeter you must have to be at the right scale. once you will find this scale i guess you will have to apply it to every piece you make. Hope it will help. Do not hesitate to ask for any other kind of information. the PDf file with dimensions is there: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/78614937/dimension%20pieces%20portique.pdf

OK I see this is the n°17 with a factor issue !!! I will check that file, as soon as I have more info I come back to you.

Hi Richard, very nice model. I have started to print it, but nr:17 is way to big, it is to big for my prusa I3 print bed. Can you tell me what
scalefactor I must use to get the right size.

Regards roamer

I think you're talking about n°27 that is the upper cabin? this is actually the biggest piece. So if you already print some other pieces like the hull, you can't change the scale of this piece. my advice is to make the piece in two parts or to remove just the part is oversized. Do you have some tolls like 3ds max or some other 3D software to rework the STL file? can you make a printscreen picture of your slicing tools (Cura or repetier or other) that I can see how much the piece is over on you bed,
If you are not confortable with 3ds max or other I can try to make this piece in two parts, I can do it for you but let me some time.
the other solution if you haven't already print a lot of piece is to rescale the n°27 with a factor that allow you to print it on your bed and to use the same factor for all pieces you will print.

Hi Picolorigolo! Fantastic model! Did you ever get around to splitting no27 into two parts? I'll also be using a prusa i3 mk3... If not, is there a freeware tool I can use to split it myself?

More missing files the parts on steps 7 and 13 parts 8 thru 20 and parts and railings 74 thru 82.

Hi Richard,
n°7 is present in the list of files. for the other one you're talking abou, they are present in zip files named: pièces-bastingage.zip and pièces-portique.zip. for any other missing files, i've created another upload (see previous comment).

Nice model. I would like to print one but the stl files for hull sections 2, 4 and 5 are missing from the files list and also from the zip file.

Hi devvy,
That's right, i've added another upload called "CALYPSO missing file" here is the link: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1232616

CALYPSO missing files

thanks for people who appreciate my work by downloading my project. I just want to warn you that there are some missing files in that upload, but i added those ones in anaother upload named: CALYPSO missing files.

thanks for encouraging me.