Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Twisted Bottle Whistle

by 2ROBOTGUY Oct 8, 2011
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Looking forward to the fixups! We're thinking of basing our Christmas present to our families on it--my daughters will add art facing to the flat surfaces--it'll be unique! Thanks.


   I just uploaded a new fully parametric model. The bottle 

amp; cap are in two different files as well. Hope you enjoy 8-)

Thanks so much! I'm working on a print here, and will post w. final G-code for my Makerbot once I have a good run. :)

Skeinforge is finding "hole in the triangle mesh", which is usually open faces in the model. What are you using to render it? I'll dig around in Blender, but I'm a newbie.

Oh, BTW, the objects were off the center of a thingomatic build platform when loaded, I had to recenter. What did you build from? Thanks!

If you turn multiply on in skeinforge and set it to 1 x 1, it will recenter your parts for you.

"And thy name is Thingiverse..."


Brilliant. I lol'ed when I saw this.

Now you can put whatever pea you want in there. :)

Should be a D20.

"I blow 20's?" Seems bad. :)

What does Blow 20's mean?

Referenced D20 above refers to 20 sided dice... the quote to go with that is "I roll 20s"