Star Wars LPA NN-14 Rey's Blaster Pistol w/ Compartment for Electronics

by greggo Dec 29, 2015
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"for the body we used 24 pcs of M3 - .50 x 6
for the grip we used 4 pcs of M4 - .70 x 10"
plus 4 random hard drive screws because they are tiny"

Is this a typo (should 10" be 10mm) or did you really use 10 inch screws?

well those are end quotes, not an abbreviation for inches. But thats definitely an easy misunderstanding to make

We were playing with the print the other day (not painted yet), and it seems a little "small" for our hands, kinda like kid sized. That made us wonder about the scale of the prop.

Anyone know what the "hard drive screw" size is? (Metric OK)

"for the body we used 24 pcs of M3 - .50 x 6
for the grip we used 4 pcs of M4 - .70 x 10"
plus 4 random hard drive screws because they are tiny"

I just disassembled a 3,5'' HDD and the screws which hold the platter down are spot on for the 4 little holes on the handle.

That does seem small!

yeah, they are pretty small.
I guess it might be M1.5 or something like that, maybe even M1.

For screws I used torx head pan head machine screws #4x1/4" for most of the assembly, #2x1/4" for the tiny detail screws, an #8x3/8" for the grips. These are the closest standard equivalents to the metric screws listed in the description. I had to drill out those tiny detail holes to 1/16" to get the #2 screws to start. All the other holes were already the perfect size. I got them from McMaster.com. you'll need a T7, T10 and t25 bit for these screws.

I created a file for a barrel connector (with tolerances for a Form 2) so it can be press fit and removed. I added it under a remix.

awesome! good job :)

What screws can we use to put this together? I have it all printed out and don't know where to get screws that small or what I should be looking for

wow thanks for the heads up! I'm not quite sure if I should or not

Have you considered simply integrating the screw heads into the model itself? Most consumer printers are capable of creating details at that scale.

no because then the surfaces wouldn't be flat and most of the screws are functional

I'm printing this part now and everything is going great.
I would only suggest to making the STL with a greater quality so the round parts are more round.
That would save some time with the sandpaper!
Great Job anyway, 10/10 would print again!

i know! i thought I could just "smooth" it out afterwards but that was a huge mess! lessons were learned :)

This is great for a first model

I am having trouble printing the handle knob ive tried man positions with and without support and halved the print speed and tried ptinting it along side another part but its not sticking to the raft very well and gets gummed up if its in the orientation shown above it prints that textured part but when it gets to the panel piece it messes up

im not sure what the problem is with that. It's a relatively simple piece to print, maybe the file got corrupted when you downloaded it? does it look ok in the slicer preview?

that might be it i just went into Fusion 360 and made a new one printed just fine and fits perfectly not as flashy as yours though but it will work for my purposes

how did you smooth out the gun so well?

I have started printing this out :) I will definitely take a picture of it when done, and it will be the first blaster I will mount on my wall

GREGGO! Excellent Job! Thank you so much! We printed and painted this for my daughter to use as part of her Rey cosplay.

We used round head allen screws.

for the body we used 24 pcs of M3 - .50 x 6
for the grio we used 4 pcs of M4 - .70 x 10

We printed in in PLA on a Printrbot Simple Metal with heated bed. When you put the screws in put them in slowly and deliberately at a straight angle. This will allow them to self tap into the PLA. The screws really make the look of this blaster. There are 2 tiny holes on either side of the grip frame that we used miscellaneous hard drive screws in. I do not know the size of these, sorry, we just found them in the spare screw box and used the ones that fit.

amazing! glad you liked it! mine is being painted right now so I have to wait a little while. you must be an awesome parent, for sure! post up a picture if you can! :-D

My grandson found a few pictures of the blaster, so now I can see that the holes are just for screws ( I wasn't sure if there was supposed to be an emblem or ...). Greggo, you did a nice job in getting holes to line up pretty well. I printed in resin mostly and PETg for the side covers and front cover. I tried to tap holes for the metric screws (M3-10 for most, and M4 and nuts for the grips, but it doesn't look like the real one with Torx cap screws) we went shopping for at the hardware store, and it worked sometimes. Any ideas? I like the space available for a battery pack and low power lasers an LEDs. It is mostly built, but I had to travel, so I asked my grandson (ll years old) to send me some pictures to post.

you could always print the screw heads and just glue them on! they weren't supposed to be functional when I designed it

What size screws did you use?

none yet, I've printed the pieces but haven't assembled. I assumed I could just drill out the necessary size hole needed

hello thanks for your job
but i have a question the dimensions are very very little
do you have the godd dimensions ?
thank you

updated with good dimensions now :-)

I just printed it but used inches by scaling up times 25.4.
Did as a project with my grandson (11 yrs.). Had the Form1+, Form 2, (50u resolution) and Make-it Pro (100u) all going at the same time through the night so pieces would be ready when he came over. Greggo did a great job and things line up well. I bought 3 and 4 mm metric screws and a tap, but the resin (the thick parts) wasn't as consistent to tap as I expected. I printed the grips in Vortex Amber resin, and he lightly painted some Red Oak stain over only the out-facing side; they are very realistic. He is happy. Greggo left room inside to put batteries and a laser controller, so we can do that on another visit. Most is painted nickel flake, and I got some black MinWax 'stain' that we will use to antique it a little more. It is not a show piece, but a fun project to do together.

Post a picture if you can! I wanna see how it turned out!

hey there, when I sliced it with simplify3d it told me my scale was in mm and it automatically converted it for me. I'm not sure how to change the scale of it, but ill look into it soon :) Thanks for the heads up

Greggo: thank you for your piece. In Preform, I had it construct in inches, in CURA, I just scaled up by 25.4. Will there be other parts for the holes in the handle?

what holes in the handle? the screw holes?