DIY Wifi Laser cutter and engraver with 3D printed parts

by Mothra78 Jan 9, 2016
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where did you plug your TTL + and - wires into on the cnc shield?

can you share where you found the measurement file to create the tickmarks on the board?

Could i get an estimate on the price for all the machine parts? Kinda interested in building one myself.

Hi, you have all the parts prices in the Bill of Material (BOM) File. All parts without the 3D printed parts cost me 290Eur

Where did you get the 3D printed cable holder stl files

Hi, as written in the comments : All wires are protected by a printed cable chain (Thing 34661).


Yet Another Cable Chain

Can you please provide additional pictures of how the 70mm rail attaches to the X carriage? And how the 430mm rail attaches to the y carriages?

I'm the middle of this build and it also appears some nuts are missing from the BOM. Pretty early in the build so I may be over looking something.

I went back to the BOM and figured out my source of confusion. I had read 1x430mm (which could only be the x-rail) and not 2x430mm (which can be the x-frame axis). As a result I was trying to figure out how a 430mm x-rail attached to two carriage plates which were attached to rails 500mm apart. The answer is, of course, you don't, and can't. Now that I re-read the BOM, it does say, 2x430mm, which provides 2x70mm, and a span of 430mm for a single 500mm x-carriage rail. Which, of course, does fit.

Additional pictures are not required. It makes sense now. The BOM actually requires 5x500mm, two of which are cut to 430mm.


I apologize I activated my derp-mode and dragged you into it.

I'll try to make come more pictures once I have time. To answer your question the 70mm rail and the 430 to Y carriages are both attached the same way using the VSLOT_Mini_V_Plate. You can have a look at the following to see how the v-slot plates work:


I have added the BOM (Excel, OpenDocument and PDF) with links to RatRig where I bought the openbuild parts (for Europe). Most of the others parts have been bought on ebay in China.

Will you post or upload bill of material please? Thank You!